i heard that CELBAN speaking is difficult? is that true?

Hi Kim,

          how are you?my celban exam date is not yet confirmed.i am waiting for the confirmation,once it is done i am willing to take celban coaching.i am tensed why they are taking so much of time for giving me the confirmation.its been 2 months i applied for the exam.i heard that celban speaking is difficult? is that true?please reply me
        thank you kim.

MP900432776Dear S,

From my experience it may not be wise to wait for the confirmation. Some times it comes the day before the exam. In my opinion it is best to start preparing right away. It can take two months to a year to prepare for the exam, depending on how strong you are when it comes to grammar.
No. CELBAN Speaking is easy, if you know what is being expected, and access on-going support. (Getting a score of 10 in CELBAN listening is difficult.)
  • Ongoing Support ~ There are many features integrated into CELBANPrep that allow on-going support even after your subscription expires. In addition to the 4 lessons delivered over 4 weeks you also get:
    • Speaking Mentors ~ When you subscribe to CELBANPrep Speaking, whether individually or in a bundle, you are given the opportunity to meet with others who are taking CELBANPrep and a CELBANPrep Speaking Mentor to practice your speaking skills, several times per month. CELBANPrep Event Calendar
    • Speaking Conference Calls ~ When you subscribe to CELBANPrep Speaking you are invited to attend CELABNPrep Speaking Conference Calls. These Conference Calls are held once a month, usually on the third Tuesday. Check the CELBANPrep Event Calendar
I recommend you go to http://www.speaking.celbanprep.info and read:
Then write back and tell me what you think!

4 responses to “i heard that CELBAN speaking is difficult? is that true?

  1. Hello Kim,

    You are most welcome. I worry in everything. I am just making my way from one section to the other 🙂 Nurse volunteer would be interesting and I am looking forward for more meetings. 🙂


    • Toni,
      I just met a friend from High School who is the head of the volunteers at several local hospitals. She was so excited to hear about my business, having met so many IENs who come to volunteer at her hospitals! Volunteering is a great way to gain experience. Keep your ears and eyes open for interactions and clinical communications. You can learn a great deal when you compare and contrast (speaking lesson 4) similarities and differences between clinical communications here in Canada vs back home or anywhere else you have worked. In doing this you are preparing for your CRNE!

  2. Thanks Toni! I so appreciate that you took the time to comment! I did not know you were worried about CELBAN Speaking! I look forward to practicing during the Conference Call. Maybe you can be one of the nurse volunteers!


    For others wondering about the Speaking Conference Calls go to http://www.speaking.celbanprep.ca

  3. Hi S,

    I am also a candidate and I can totally relate to your feelings about the Celban Speaking. I do agree that you start practicing now while waiting for your confirmation; this will give you more time to work out. Also, it is natural and normal to be tensed or nervous especially if we hear that the test is difficult; but it would be more difficult if we do nothing and remain negative about it. Keep your head up and be positive. You can do it 🙂

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