The Trapped IEN: I already took the celban twice and I am always short on the speaking component.

Dear Kim,
Hello! My name is J, I already took the celban twice and I am always short on the speaking component. I read your website and I am interested to review, but I am quite confused what to pick.ย  I cannot afford a 3 month review.ย  If you could recommend a class for me, I just want to do speaking — a one on one if possible.
for the Celban Conference calls is this one on one? 99$ for 2 hours?
How about this class that you posted on your website? the CELBANPrep Speaking Class does this have a one on one assessment and is this just for one month (since it states 4 weeks?), and how much does it cost?
Thank you,

DangerDear J,

At this time, being December, I am unable to provide the support for speaking: conference calls, mentoring sessions, one-on-ones. I am putting things in place for the new year.

The information you have is for the CELBANPrep Speaking Course, without the added supports. Here is the link for the information on the CELBANPrep Speaking Bundle:ย  It explains the supports (conference calls, mentoring, one-on-one.)

Explore Your Payment Options

NOTE: these are about financial considerations not changes in timelines.

Your career is at stake! Time and money should not be an issue.

It takes practice to develop the skills to get an acceptable score on the exam. Practice requires time. That is the role of the conference calls, mentoring sessions and one-on-one.

Taking the exam too early, without the skills, without the practice, puts you at risk of falling into the CELBAN Trap. You have already fallen into the trap, having failed it twice! If you want to be a nurse in Canada:



Before I let you go, check out Voices of IENs. Voices from Around the World logoIt will allow you to gain confidence and perspective about the process.

Have faith, you can do this. It just takes time!



hi Kim,
how about the conference call for 99$ is that a one on one consultation. I want to subscribe as soon as possible.

Thanks J,

Teaching occurs through the lessons. It is reinforced through live Conference Calls. Skills are then practiced with live Mentoring Sessions.

As for the One-on-One, that has a specific role; it is a mock of the exam. As there is no teaching, the prerequisite is the completion of the course, attendance at conference calls and mentoring session.

So CELBANPrep Speaking Bundle contains the course and several supports: the Conference Calls, the Mentoring Sessions and the One-on-One.

Each builds upon the other. None are sold separately. But there are times when trials are available for a Speaking Conference Call. The 3 months of Conference Calls are extensions that are available for those who have completed the class and seek to maintain a high competency in the skills they have acquired before their exam. They must have an expired subscription to CELBANPrep Speaking to qualify.

I do not schedule Conference Calls in December, July and August. As such dates for CELBANPrep Speaking are posted: in early January for January – June; and, late August for September – November.

I am sorry I can not assist you further, until that date, with the supports (Conference Calls, Mentoring Sessions, One-on-Ones.) However, you can subscribe to the CELBANPrep Speaking Course Bundle to access the lessons, with access to the supports in January. Each lesson comes complete with videos and assignments. So you can get a heads up, but please do not take the exam until you are 100% confident you will pass the exam.

You are already in the CELBAN Trap.

Your career is at stake.

STAYย Ahead.

Be patient.



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