What if i don’t have the time to practice everyday?

Dear Kim,
Thank you for your response. I think I will be going to have the CELBAN course bundle. These review materials will be very essential! I just have a some questions, what if i don’t have the time to practice everyday? Does it really required to practice 1 hour per day? Or will I be able to study when I am just free and available, because it indicates here that it is just good for two months.
Thank you so much! Looking forward on working with you!
Best regards,


Dear M,

Thank you for your excitement! As for your question about the scheduling. It is different for each resources. With Writing4IEHPs is is self directed, so depending on which you purchase,Β  you can access one module at a time, or get all four at once.Β  With CELBANPrep you will get an e-mail once a week for writing and speaking with 4 lessons in 4 weeks for each of the levels for writing and 4 lessons in 4 weeks for speaking. Each lesson has an assignment. You are expected to practice every day. (Anyone who has taken CELBANPrep will tell you this is key to passing the exam.) But, you can choose when and how you do this. It could be ten minutes here and there, or a steady hour. You are also expected to post one or two pieces of writing, as assignments, each week. We will work together on these pieces, reviewing each one several times, until you have learned how to identify your weaknesses and have learned how to turn them to strengths. What that means is that when you post one assignment, that is not the end. I consider this a draft that you will work on with several versions based on revisions you make. (Reading and Listening are organized differently so you can work at your own pace.)

Everyone’s schedule is different. The amount of time each person has to practice is different, so it is important to find ways to practice on a daily basis, while you are doing your normal routine at work and at home. You will get suggestions on how to do this, within the lessons.

But some people can only set aside a few hours each week, on one day. I can understand that too. The result is that people who do not have time to practice daily take more time to complete CELBANPrep Writing Level One, pass the Mid Session Evaluation, and proceed to Level Two. That is why there is so much difference in how long it takes an individual IEN to prepare for the CELBAN. It is also why CELBANPrep integrates individualized learning plans, and why Tier 4 ~ Monthly Subscription Extension Plans were created through the CELBANPrep Compassionate Pricing Policy. Because, not everyone has time or the ability to practice every day!

With that said, many people have come to CELBANPrep wanting to read a book. When they approach CELBANPrep in this way, they are only learning passively, and they do not do well on the exam. A language can not be learned passively. Others come to CELBANPrep with really busy lives, but find a way to practice on a regular basis. These are the people that do well on the exam because they learn, apply and repeat.

You are only given 3 chances to take the CELBAN. For this reason it is not advisable to take the exam without preparation. For some people this means being patient, waiting for or creating a time in their lives when they are really able to study and prepare. (Planning and creating a time, instead of hoping for a time, allows people to avoid procrastination.)

C0UP0NSmIf you have reviewed your schedule and think that you can post two writing assignments per week, understanding the expectation for you to revise them, and have some time each day to work on at least one of the four skills, then I think you will do fine. But if your schedule is so full that you do not have time to take care of yourself, then maybe this is not the time. Maybe it would be better to plan ahead so that you can start in a few months: September and January are good start dates for many people.

Whatever you decide, in the mean time, I recommend you check out the Study Guides for reading and listening. They are only $4.99, and a good way to spend your time wisely with suggestions on improving these skills, which require lots of time. You can learn more at:

(They are also available on Amazon, internationally). So, M. Take a moment to think about your schedule and decide: “Is this a good time in my life? If not, what do I need to do?”

I too look forward to joining you on this adventure!



2 responses to “What if i don’t have the time to practice everyday?

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  2. Dear M
    Hi. I pray and hope you are doing well. I would just like to add that taking the celban course online is a wise investment. I am speaking from experience. I had no idea about what celban was all about, further more I was ever so reluctant to pay for the course online, however my teacher Kim made it all possible every step of the way. You are never going to find a kind and supportive teacher like Kim. She is phenominal ! Take the chance , and discover a whole new world of learning, that will take you onto reaching your goals and dreams.
    Good luck and God bless you.

    Regards R

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