📱3G* CELBAN Speaking Compare and Contrast Example

Updated 2021

Dear Friend, 

Although the Compare and Contrast task on CELBAN Speaking is used more rarely now that the CELBAN exam has become more sophisticated, learning how to compare and contrast is a valuable skill to have when it comes to both:

  • CELBAN Writing Task 1, and
  • CELBAN Speaking Tasks for “Getting Things Done” and “Giving Instructions.”

For this reason, the following is being shared with you. The piece is called Shopping in Dubai versus Canada  It was written by an IEN, like you, preparing for the CELBAN. 

Note the introduction, the conclusion, the comparison of things, and contrasting things in Canada and Dubai.


Dear Kim

I would be humbled and honoured if you share this with others on the forum, however I do not want to take all the credit as you have moulded me and taught me very well every step of the way. You uplift me, motivate me and bring out the best in me. I thank you for your guidance, patience and most of all for just being you. You have never made me feel that I should under estimate myself, but instead you encourage one all the way. I so wish I had known you long before in time, but god knows best why our paths have crossed now.
Thank you

Shopping in Dubai versus Canada

Today I  am going to talk about shopping in Dubai versus Canada

There are similarities between shopping in Dubai versus shopping in Canada.The most common one is that the population of Dubai is multicultural, there are expatriates who work and live there from all over the world like: India, Africa, Singapore e.t.c. who love to shop. Similarly in Canada there are many different nationalities from countries like: Bangladesh, Africa, Pakistan, India that enjoy shopping in Canada as they are exposed to a variety of western standard of shopping. Also in Dubai there are many malls that sell a variety of international brands whether it’s clothing, perfume, or handbags. Likewise in Canada people have the opportunity and the advantage to choose from a variety of goods and international brand names when shopping. Both countries  offer huge sales that range from 20 to 50% off selected items like clothing, branded footwear or jewellery.In Dubai the low income group look forward to these sales by browsing through flyers that are sent out monthly or bi-weekly, so too in Canada people who cannot afford expensive goods or items take advantage of the sales advertised in the flyers.

In contrast however in Dubai everything is tax free including a persons income. But in Canada there is a tax on everything. Be it groceries, income, travel or anything else. Also the  tax in Canada differs from province to province. For e.g in Nova Scotia people pay 15% tax compared to a 5% tax that people pay in Alberta. Secondly the mall timings differ. In Dubai the malls usually open up at ten in the morning and close at twelve  at night, however in Canada  there are specific mall timings for weekdays and weekends. Malls open early and close early in Canada. Thirdly the busiest time of shopping in Dubai would be during Ramadan, Eid and Muslim new year, but in Canada  shopping periods would be at its peak during the festive season like Christmas, boxing day or new year.

So when I  compare shopping in Dubai versus Canada I  can say that I love shopping in both countries.

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3 responses to “📱3G* CELBAN Speaking Compare and Contrast Example

  1. But this is an example for speaking write. I am just wondering that in speaking what we can compare or can contrast on a medical topic? Can you give me some examples please. Thanks N

    • Dear N,
      How are you doing?
      If you purchase the CELBANPrep Speaking textbook from Amazon, you will get sample examples and lots of practice! Ensure that you go to CELBANPrep University to access the additional CELBAN material: CELBAN speaking Videos, etc.
      Please go to http://www.speaking.celbanprep.info.
      You will get information there, if you still need it!

  2. Kim,

    I don’t know who wrote this “Compare and Contrast” example, but I think it’s just perfect. The writing has its “natural flowing” and it contain every detail you taught us we should include.
    I was speechless reading it. Excellent!!!


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