☺ I did CELBAN… I think I messed up with my writing..

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for your support. I did CELBAN, and I dont feel good with my performance. I think I messed up with my writing.. I had to write an incident report… I had problems with time management for that.. If I had enough time to follow your lessons, and doing corrected assignments in a proper way, I would have done very well…
I think I did well in speaking because of your big help and God’s grace. The one on one and group calling was excellent. That helped me a lot. That really works for us international nurses. I recommended CELBANPrep to two girls I met in the exam, and I will do the same whoever ask me about CELBAN, because, I am sure that, If someone use this resource accurately, they would definitely see success. I would like to continue my classes Kim. Hope we will meet again.

Regards, S

Dear S,

Thank you for letting me know how you felt about the exam. I am glad that you felt supported and prepared for the CELBAN Speaking. Not only did you have time to access the 4 lessons, you took the time to schedule the Conference Call and a one-on-one consultation with me. As I told you on the phone, I was very confident in your skills and abilities, when it came to speaking.

I did also tell you when reviewing your writing for the CELBANPrep Writing tutoring, that the fact that you did not have time to complete all 8 lessons would have an impact on your performance for the exam. Learning how to identify your own personal errors and turn your weaknesses into strengths takes time. It is unfortunate that you only learned about CELBANPrep a few weeks before your exam, and that your work permit is expiring. This element added additional pressure onto you about writing the exam now, rather than waiting as I had recommended when you first contacted me. But I am glad that you see the value and worth of the 8 lessons, and know that had you had time to complete all of the lessons you would have had better time management when writing the report.

My hope for you, S, is that although you did not have time to complete the lessons, that your strengths with the English language will allow you to celebrate passing the exam soon! Please let me know your results when you get them!

And thank you, for telling people about CELBANPrep! I am impressed by the fact that although you have been with me for such a short time and were not able to complete the writing lessons before the exam, that you have such a strong impression about the resources that you have used!

Be Well!



CELBANPrep Writing Level One is 4 lessons in 4 weeks, including three months of writing tutoring. It is not possible to take this course in a shorter amount of time. Often people need more than 8 weeks to learn how to manage time, to identify personal weaknesses and turn them to strengths. This person decided to subscribe to CELBANPrep knowing she did not have time to complete the course, because of her limited time in Canada as a result of her immigration status. She purchased a bundle, so that she could use what time she had available to her to prepare. She did the best she could, but even she, after writing the exam, knew that not only would she have been better prepared to spend time on each lesson, but also that her confidence level would have been higher. Take this as a word of warning: take time to prepare for your CELBAN Writing exam.

See also: WARNING: Avoid The CELBAN Trap!

Word of WARNING: the tragic consequences of procrastination

6 responses to “☺ I did CELBAN… I think I messed up with my writing..

  1. Justy varghese

    Hai Kim My name is j.I am an Ien from india.I passed my lpn exam on January 2013. I have written celban two times without any preparation but I got s 8 l9 r9 and w 6.I have only one more chance,I want to pass my exam . That is my dream to become a nurse in canada. Most probably I will get next date on November . I would like to purchase celban preparation.I am so scared about my listening. Now I am practising a lot because I need to pass the exam next time , that is the only hope in my life. With regards, j

    • Dear Justy,
      Hello and Welcome! Congratulations on passing the LPN exam! That is a great achievement! Wow! So close! I so wish you had come to me before your second attempt, but that is OK. You are here now! But we must ensure that you DO PASS on this final attempt. I will help you with both writing and listening. We will work on writing first, as I am still creating the resources for listening. But as a subscriber they will be available to you before anyone else. So if you subscribe to CELBANPrep Writing, CELBANPrep Course Bundle or CELBANPrep GOLD, we will use this time wisely. Did you see the sale for this week? http://www.celbanprep.info/celbanprep-coupons.

  2. DeAr kim, I am confused whether to buy celbanprep or not because I already bought a package of reviewer from celas. I scored L-9 and I had difficulty in writing.. Please help me. My schedule exam will be next month. Thank you

  3. Dear Kim,

    I am so disappointed of my self. This is already the second time I took the cel ban, I have only the last one left to do this, all my scores were good in speaking 8, listening 10 and reading 9. My problem is writing, it’s only 6. I need you help Kim, please please I want to pass the next time I’m gonna take it. What am I gonna do?

    • Dear Lynne,
      I am glad you found me before you took the exam for the third time. It is imperative that you do not take the exam until you are certain you will pass in all areas. I new someone in the exact same situation. He focused on his writing, and neglected the rest. On his third and final attempt, he passes the writing, but failed one of the other components. It was his third attempt. He had no more available to him. His dreams of being an RN died that day.

      Please do not be discouraged. And plan to take the exam when you are 100% confident in yourself!

      Have you researched CELBANPrep Writing? You can go to http://www.writing.celbanprep.info. You will learn all about the support and training you get. Also read some of the tags on Dear Kim: CELBAN Writing, Writing a report, Testimonials. This will help your confidence in me and CELBANPrep grow. You can also use the self evaluation in the CELBAN Writing Study Guide at http://www.celban.info.

      Lynne, please understand, you are only allowed to take the CELBAN 3 times. (See WARNING: the CELBAN trap.) It is not a matter of wanting to pass the third time, it is a matter of **having to** pass the CELBAN the third time!

      I always say, if what you are doing is not getting you to where you want to go; change what you are doing!

      * Ensure you understand the format of the exam.
      * Ensure you understand Medical Documentation Standards (see http://www.celban.biz CELBAN Writing).
      * Ensure you practice writing in a timed setting.
      * Ensure you know how to identify your weaknesses and turn them to strengths.
      * Ensure you can identify your errors and correct them.

      All of these things will help you to get a passing score. All of these things are available through CELBANPrep.

      Thanks so much for writing, Lynne. Your future is in good hands! Together we will get you ready for the exam, and I will let you know when I am confident you will pass!

      Be Well!

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