Before you do any thing [about taking the CELBAN] please read the following 3 Warnings!

Dear Kim,
Hi there Kim, how are you? Sorry for the late response, by the way to answer all the questions that you asked, to start I came all the way from Philippines, I am a Filipino, came here in Canada year 2008 of October and work as an LPN, but right now I am on my Maternity leave ,yes I gave birth to a healthy baby girl last May 18.  I’ve never been to any other country, before going here. I took IELTS back home, and I passed it but then when the time comes that I need to renew it for it was already expired that was the time that I failed it. I heard a good feedback from some of my friends who took their English exam from Celban and thats why I opted to challenge it rather than the IELTS which I personally say that they made it harder for the applicants to pass it. As of now I am waiting to be rebook again to take the Celban examination, I was supposed to take it last September 4 and 5, but I cancelled it for personal reasons. I am hoping to be book again this fall since that was the original plan,and i’m still waiting for their response. Hopefully I can get a prompt response from them so I have an ample time to study and start my review with you.
Thanks for taking time reading my letter, have a good day ahead.
Sincerely yours,
DangerDear M,

Congratulations on your new baby girl! How wonderful. And congratulations on your wise decision to postpone your exam. Before you do any thing please read the following:
Once you do, please write back and tell me what you think!
 Dear Kim
Hello there, just done reading the letter that you sent me. Thank you for letting me read that, for it broaden my mind to whats really going on,taking Celban english exam, and i am happy because those are my fellow filipinos, who ask for your Big help so that means I am on the right track cause I found you.  I might say that almost all of us have the same scenario, but then I think I got your point do not under estimate the exam, and use the time wisely to study before taking the exam. And that first one is important.  I am so glad that you are there for us Kim.
I am looking forward to the success of this conversation for I know it will be worth it not just to pass the exam but having you as our guide and friend as well.
thankfully yours,
Dear M,

See, it was a wise decision to postpone your exam!
I loved reading your message. I am so glad you took the time and happy you understand!
Yes, indeed, you are on the right track! I just got an e-mail yesterday saying she wished she had found out about me three years ago; she would have saved so much time and money. So that is what you get to do; save both time and money! Time management is key! And so is the understanding that you are not alone! You are in the middle of a long line of people who have come before you, and those who will come after you!
I have just reread your final statement, “I am looking forward to the success of this conversation for I know it will be worth it not just to pass the exam but having you as our guide and friend as well.”  I have a huge smile on my face. This is my goal, and if you got this understanding from these three posts, then I am really happy!
Enjoy your free resources and let me know if you have any questions about the other resources available at You might also want to see if you can get some of the recommended resources at Although they are not CELBAN specific they are available at book stores and libraries: a good way to spend your time while deciding about your next step!
Have a great day, enjoying your little bundle of joy!

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