§ I already took CELBAN twice, but … I’m not lucky to pass.

Hi Kim,

I’m doing fine, yes it is nice here in Winnipeg, except for the very cold weather.
I’m from Philippines, I’ve been in Canada for two years. This is the first country that we moved/lived into since we came from the Philippines. I don’t have a CLB score, because I didn’t took that assessment, but I did took CELBAN before, actually I already took CELBAN twice, but unfortunately I’m not lucky to pass.
  • My scores at the first time were: Listening 9, Reading 8, Writing 6, Speaking 7,
  • and the second time were: Listening 9, Reading 9, Writing 7, speaking 7.
They said that my weaknesses in writing were as follows:
  • some grammatical error make it difficult to understand the text
  • problem with prepositions
  • problem with verb tense
  • some problem with possession forms
Weaknesses in speaking:
  • pronunciation problems
  • work on grammar and vocabulary so that I can choose the correct words, word forms and word order to ask questions, and express my ideas clearly and accurately
  • problems with question formation
  • problem with singular/plural forms
  • problem with verb tense
I need to redo it all again, I hope you can help me, I feel so depressed after I received the score report from celas.
Thanks, M

Adolescent Girl StudyingOk M,

How serious are you about becoming a nurse in Canada? How important is it to you and what are you willing to do to get there? If you are depressed now, how depressed would you be after failing the third and final time? Did you know that you only have one more chance to take the CELBAN and to pass it?
The reality is that your scores for both writing and listening need to be improved so that you pass this next and final time.
So what does it mean to have weaknesses? Why does CELAS provide this information to you? How is it to help you achieve your goals? And what have you done to turn your weaknesses into strengths?
How can you do this for your verbs, ad7thingsptsingular/plural, prepositions and possessives? Because if you want to pass the CELBAN that is what you need to do, turn your weaknesses into strengths. I promise that in doing so you will have the confidence you need to overcome your previous depressing results and to prevail!
Please ensure you read the following:
Then write to me, and let me know what you think!
Dear Kim,

How are you? Thank you for the reply. Regarding your questions, well, I badly want to be a nurse here in canada, I don’t want to disappoint my mother because she’s counting on me to be a nurse. I’m so depressed, I’m losing hope! But I really want to fulfill my dreams, and I believe I can, I just need to gain my confidence back. I know that I only have one chance left to pass the CELBAN, and I know that I really need help.I read the links that you send to me, I admit that I’ve fallen to that traps, you are right! the first thing that came into my mind was to take the english exam, without preparing. All I was thinking was to take the exam, take a risk. But now that I failed twice, it really aches my heart, I feel so down.I need help to gain my confidence back, be prepared and take my one last chance to pass the CELBAN.I just want to ask, what study guide will help me best?

Thanks a lot! M


Dear M,

Thank you. I appreciate the honesty in your reply. I did not doubt that you really want to be a nurse, but I needed you to look inside to determine how important it is for you to determine how hard you are willing to work while making sure that you understood this is your very last chance to take the exam and to take that point very very seriously. 
Your career hands in the balance of whether or not you pass the exam. Your dreams hang in the balance of whether or not you pass the exam. And the pressure you will feel while taking the exam for the very last time will be tremendous because of the pressure you feel both internally and out of love and loyalty for your mother and potentially other family members.
Thus it will be critical that when you take the exam you are confident in your abilities to pass. It will be critical that you have done absolutely everything in your power to prepare for the exam: whatever sacrifices are required, you will need to be willing to make them. It will be critical that you choose your timing well: with enough timing to prepare while avoiding the procrastination caused by fear. It will be critical that whatever fear or doubt you have be washed away so that you can excel!
Know this: while you fell into the CELBANPrep Trap, you were able to get yourself out by contacting me! You are no longer in that trap as you are free to make new choices, take new approaches, and develop a new attitude. 
As for being depressed, losing hope, and needing confidence I have two more links for you: Facing FearsencouragementThere are 21 posts on facing fears and 71 to encourage you. I know that in reading these posts you will find the wisdom you possess, inside yourself, to know what you need to do and to do it with conviction.

All of the CELBANPrep resources described at http://www.celbanprep.info will help you (they are packaged into different bundles. And I am creating some new resources that are not available to the public, that you will have access to as a subscriber. So I promise, that no matter how much you pay, it will be well worth it. You will see, once you pass the CELBAN you will know it was worth every penny, every minute, every ounce of energy.
When you pass that exam, having failed it twice and knowing it was your very last time, you will experience joy and rejoicing beyond measure!
Please write again after reading enough posts that you are convinced you can and will pass!


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