1G ♪♪ CELBAN Readiness: how to tell if you are prepared for the CELBAN exam or falling into the CELBAN Trap

Hello Kim,

I’m good, thank you. I love Calgary, it’s nice to live here.

I’m from Philippines and I’ve been living in Canada for about 1 year and 3 months now. I took Academic IELTS 3 years ago and my scores was never reached the required scores for nurses. I already took 3x and I even attended IELTS review in the Philippines. As far as I remember my scores are Listening 6-6.5, Writing 6.0, Listening 6.5, Speaking 6-6.5.

The reason that brought me to your site is because I will take my CELBAN writing exam on Thursday. I had my speaking exam last Monday and I knew that I didn’t do great. I struggled for words, keep on saying the same thing, I have long pauses and I got stunned. I’m always having the same problem even before in IELTS. I am too nervous. This is my first try to take CELBAN. I’m crossing my fingers to pass my writing exams at least. I admit that I am not prepared because CELBAN offered me a schedule 2 weeks before the exam, since I am so eager to take CELBAN, I grabbed the offer. I will update you on the results. Thanks Kim. S.

Dear S,

I love Calgary too! The down town core is lovely. I had the opportunity to go to a Shakespeare in the Park play a few years ago. It is a wonderful memory.
So how did you do on the rest of your exam?
I must say I was saddened to read about your situation. Unfortunately you fell into the CELBAN Trap: taking the exam without preparation but with eagerness because it was offered, particularly with your present standing in the IELTS.
We shall see. It is possible that you do well on the CELBAN and you pass, and that would be great. But from my experience with others who fell into the CELBAN Trap, it does not usually go that way. And if it does not, it is vital that the next time you take the exam you are fully prepared. So how do you know if you are prepared? Well let me start by telling you how you can know if you are not prepared. You:
  • struggled for words,
  • keep on saying the same thing,
  • have long pauses,
  • get stunned, and
  • are too nervous.
When you are prepared you will:
  • feel confident,
  • have ideas about what to write and say,
  • know the format of the exam,
  • understand the expectations of you as an examinee,
  • manage your time effectively.
Read some of the e-mails I have received from people who took the CELBAN after preparing with me through CELBANPrep: thank you. Pay attention to what they say about their confidence and preparedness in entering the exam. Then read the following posts to understand more about the CELBAN Trap and how to avoid it, for your next attempt.
Then write back to me. Tell me what you think. I look forward to your reply!


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