Is it possible to take CELBAN test … prior to NNAS application

Is it Possible to take the CELBAN prior to applying to NNASHi Kim,

Thanks for the welcome message [and for the 7 Day FREE Trial of CELBANPrep]. I’d like to ask if its possible to take celban test and pass first prior to NNAS application. I’m not pretty confident to pass the english test and registering for NNAS is very expensive and it has an expiration. Financial resources is very limited as well. Please advise.
Thank you,

Dear K,

This is a great question.
From my perspective, having worked with hundreds of IENs over the ten years I was teaching, my advice was to take the exam first.
What often happens is people register with NNAS, then they have one year to submit the required score. Some people can not obtain that in the amount of time, and the added stress decreases their scores. Then they have to pay an additional fee.
So, yes, from my experience: take your time. Take the exam first. See how you do. They will send you your weaknesses so you will know where you have to improve, if you do not get an acceptable score the first time around.
When you know your ability to write within the time limit, with very few errors, and can obtain a 10 in listening: then you are ready to go for a second round – if you have to take it again.
I am not a person who works well under pressure. I would rather be prepared. That is what I did with my nurses. When you see their assignments on the forums – with your FREE 7 Day CELBANPrep Trial – you will see I pushed them hard. They learned to turn their weaknesses into strengths and they learned shills that helped them throughout the process and throughout their careers.
Your first step was reaching out to me; for that I know you are on a good path!


2 responses to “Is it possible to take CELBAN test … prior to NNAS application

  1. Hi Kim, I just read this message and I’d like to say that based from my experience, it is not wise to open   NNAS  application without taking the english exam first. This was actually the only reason that delayed me from starting my application  with NNAS. As I’ve mentioned before, I took IELTS twice and failed in the writing section and that took away 4 months of my time before I took my shot with Celban. However, I do not regret taking the IELTS first before celban because in celban a person only gets 3 chances every 2 years  so that’s quite limited. Also, by attempting IELTS, I was able to have an experience how  a formal english exam was being done so that gave me an idea when I was reviewing for celban. It kinda helped me in the listening, reading and speaking parts of celban but still Celban is very different from IELTS especially in terms of the format. I agree with you that  an english exam must be completed first prior to NNAS application to save the span of time(months) that the registration is considered valid and to avoid reactivation fees in the future.

    Again, I am not saying that everyone should take the IELTS first before resorting to CELBAN. It is just that people should keep in mind that they only have 3 shots in 2 years to pass the exam. If you want to take Celban first then why not, just give your best and aim to pass it the first time you take it so you don’t have to get through it again and be pressured that you are already  out of chances remaining.

    Regards, Jill

    • Thanks for the comment, Jill! What wonderful support you have given, from your own experience. I so appreciate you taking the time. And I agree, yes taking the IELTS gives an idea of what an English exam may be like; but, the format of the CELBAN is quite different. And it is also true that the number of times one can take the CELBAN is limited. Wisdom is what we learn from experience. Thank you for sharing yours! Kim

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