Disillusioned Dreamer: I booked my exam on line in a hurry.This time the results were even worse.

Hi Kim,
Thank you so much for your mail and concern. Actually I appeared for CELBAN in Nov 2013 and my scores were as,
listening: 9 Β  speaking: 8 Β writing:6 Β and reading: 9.Then they stopped the exam for a while and started at once.I booked my exam on line in a hurry.This time the results were even worse.I scored 7 in listening and 6 in writing.Then I Β gave up because of some health issues.I really don’t know what to do…If you can advise me something I would be obliged.

Dear R,

There are many decisions I have made while being the “owner and operator” of CELBANPrep and IEPC. One that I am so glad I made was sending out this e-mail. I had no idea what I would be getting in return. I was so confused. But now, I understand. And as I read your message I had a true emotional response. “Oh!” escaped my lips as I read about your second result. And now tears are threatening.

That is what makes me and CELBANPrep different. This isn’t just a way of making money. This isn’t just about teaching English.

CELBANPrep, to me, is about being there for people who need and want support; it is about me being there for those who have fallen by the way side; it is about giving hope, light and encouragement.

Ruby, what you have experienced is disheartening. And I completely understand you feeling deflated. One of my IENs told me she felt that way before she met me: and now she she has passed the exam and is well on her way to being a nurse. It happens to so many, to such a degree that I have identified this as one of the 4 Ways IENs fall into the CELBAN Trap, as Disillusioned Dreamers. Isn’t the graphic just perfect?

But, R, do you know the difference between those who make it and fulfill their dreams and those who do not? Those who do make it reach out! They look for supports. They decide to make different choices on how they prepare. they find Quality Coaches and Quality Training and they practice until they can overcome all obstacles.

They decide, once and for all, when enough is enough and when it is time to get back into the game. To me, it seems like that is what you are doing in reaching out to em, is distinguishing yourself as one of those who can and will make it!

With me in your back pocket, how can you go wrong? πŸ™‚

On another note, not that this is the ideal, but I have information that may decrease the amount of stress you feel on this final attempt.

I have been contacted by two IENs who failed the exam three times, but are preparing for the CELBAN. How is that possible? I believe that because I identified the CELBAN Trap, or maybe for other reasons, some of the colleges of nursing have reviewed their policies and practices about the CELBAN. These nurses have told me they have 3 more attempts, but they had to wait two years. So, it is not ideal. It should not be a goal. But, it can relieve some of the strain and pressure you feel that could negatively impact your results and induce severe exam anxiety.

So there is hope. Do you feel it? Deep inside, do you feel a lightness? Then it is time to take that, to allow it to build, and to allow it to carry you forth over all the obstacles in your path.

I can help you with writing. If you commit to following instructions, and applying the CELBANPrep Method, I will teach you the professional communication skills you require to obtain a required score until you get to the point of self mastery and have the accompanying confidence to face this exam head on, with a smile on your face.

Can you see it? Can you imagine it? I can!

About listening, I need you to attend a 7 Things Presentation. There are things you need to know about CELBAN listening to help you in your preparations.

At the end of the day I need you to make a commitment to yourself, to not take the exam until you are confident you will pass: because, it is possible!

Check this out: CELBAN Readiness: how to tell if you are prepared for the CELBAN exam or falling into the CELBANΒ Trap

See, R, the thing about the CELBAN Trap isn’t about being afraid. It is about being prepared and doing all you can to mitigate the risks! You are empowered to make choices that make a difference in your life. And if you really want to be a nurse in Canada, then now is the time to take charge and do all that you have to do to make it happen.

Getting a required score on the CELBAN
is not insurmountable!
Getting a required score on the CELBAN is not only possible, it is obtainable. And YOU CAN DO IT! You simply need to find hope and build up your confidence by accessing quality training by quality coaches, and by practicing the skills until you obtain a level of mastery. Then you will have confidence. And with confidence, your brain will be in the right situation to do the very best of your ability! These are the right conditions to allow you to overcome a stressful situation of an exam and walk out feeling good about yourself!

So, what do you say, R? Please check out the links, and get back to me! I look forward to your reply with anticipation!


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