When should I take my CELBAN exam? Do you think the CELAS center will give me…

Hi Kim,
I just purchased your CELBAN Prep Study Guide and Sample Test Bundle and this is my first reviewer for CELBAN. I want to register for the CELBAN on march 2013, but the speaking is full. They still have more schedules for January but I’m not yet ready, so I decided to register for March. If I write March 2013 as my first choice and April 2013 as my second, though they don’t have schedule for April yet, do you think the CELAS center will give me either of this date? Thank you very much.


Woman Working at ComputerDear J,

Thank you for your e-mail and your subscription! This is a solid decision. Please review the study guides, and practice both reading and listening everyday, in a nursing context. It will take time to increase your speed, vocabulary and skills in these areas. The more you read and listen, the easier it will be for you to pass the CELBAN.

About your CELBAN date, please read the following two posts, there are things you need to know BEFORE you write the exam.

I agree, January is too soon. Depending on your skill level and grammar, March and April would be better dates.

This is what I have learned about CELAS by speaking to many IENs:

  • They are very busy, with many applications every day.
  • It is best to contact by phone, in the morning. Some days no one is in the office.
  • Often people do not get confirmation letters until a day or two before the exam.
  • At times people get a letter moving up their exam date, due to cancellations or because a site has created a new date.
  • There is a long waiting list. New dates for exams are given for January and September. They are usually posted two months before. With the long waiting lists, when the dates are announced, the first few months are usually full!

Hopefully knowing this will help you to make your decision about when to take the CELBAN. My advice:

Ensure that you are confident you will pass!



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