Keepsake: How can I help you verify the authenticity of your [CELBANPrep] books?

How can I help you verify the Authenticity of CELBANPrep books

Hi Kim,

I want to give a review or comment on your website regarding your books and celban review. I took the exam last June 12 and  got my result today. Please give me instructions on how I can help you verify the authenticity of your books and I also would be willing to give my testimonial.

Dear J,

Thanks for your message. So, how did you do?
There are three different ways to write a review for the CELBANPrep resources available through Amazon. And actually, maybe I should create a post for my blog: Dear Kim. πŸ™‚

Method 1: Short Reviews

For a shorter review, you can post them directly on Amazon. Here you can write one per resource you purchased. There are two ways to do so. Both of them require that you Sign In. Let’s start there.
Amazon Write a CELBANPrep Review Sign In

Once you login to Amazon:

  1. Type CELBANPrep into the search function.
  2. Choose the CELBANPrep resource that you purchased.
  3. Scroll down until you come to the Customer Review section.
  4. Click on “Write a Customer Review“.
  5. Write your review.

Amazon Write a CELBANPrep Review 1

  • NOTE: You can edit your review once you have posted one.
  • Also, if you have not signed in before this step, you will be taken to the sign in page.
  • And, if you purchased CELBANPrep in the past, you do not have to make a purchase through Amazon to write a review. (That is if you completed CELBANPrep Writing Level One or Two or CELBANPrep Speaking with me as a course, or accessed the Study Bundle from CELBANPrep, you can still write a review without purchasing the Print Replicas.)
  • Finally, you have to have made a purchase of over $25 to be admitted to the Amazon Community – and write a review.

Method 2: Short Reviews

There is another way to write a review on Amazon. This is suggested if you have made multiple purchases of CELBANPrep Textbooks for Writing and Speaking or the Complete Series for Listening and Reading.

  1. Sign Into Your Account.
  2. Click on Your Orders.
    • You will see a list of all of the items you have purchased.
    • If your items are not listed here, ensure you have logged into the correct Amazon site. (When I logged into, I got confused. I only saw the purchases I made before was created.)
  3. Click on Write A Product Review.
  4. Write your review.

Amazon Write a CELBANPrep Review 2

Method 3: Longer Reviews

Method 1 and 2 are instrumental in ensuring that the voices of those who have slandered CELBANPrep will not be heard over your silence. Because of your willingness to write a review on Amazon people that folly – by have not followed instructions, or who have not contacted me when they struggled with technology and write negative reviews – will be rebuked by your testimonial.

With that said, if you would like to write a more detailed review, please:

  1. send an e-mail,
  2. write a comment on Dear Kim, or
  3. send a message via Facebook.

When you do so, I will post your review on Dear Kim, which will be fed through Facebook and Twitter.

But, there is one other thing you can do, if you wish to make a recommendation to a friend or family member that you know is preparing for the CELBAN (or the IELTS or any other exam when it comes to the CELBAN or IELTS series).

Method 4: Making Recommendations

This function is only available using the Smart Phone Kindle App (I was able to do so on my Android. I don’t know if it also works on iPhones. If it does, please write a comment.)

  1. Open your Kindle App on your Smart Phone/Tablet.
  2. Click on the 3 dots in the square beside “Read Now”.
  3. In the pop-up window, click on Recommend this Book. (My phone could not take a screen shot of the pop-up window.)Recommend CELBANPrep using your Kindle App
  4. Choose your sharing option:
    • message, email,
    • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
    • other…
  5. Write your recommendation.

Recommend CELBANPrep using your Kindle App 2

There you go, J! Three methods to write a review, and one to make recommendations!

Thank you for inspiring me to create this post! It has been a long time coming.

And, just so you know, because CELBANPrep is available internationally in 100 nations through Amazon, reviews can be made on any of the main sites:

I am adding a note below for anyone that might need extra encouragement to contact me as you have, rather than write a negative review.

Looking forward to reading what you have to share about your experience with CELBANPrep and the CELBAN exam!



P.S. J, thank you for responding to my call to action when I wrote the email entitled, “If you don’t speak up, the voices of those who have slandered CELBANPrep will be heard over your silence.” I appreciate it deeply. You are making a difference in hundreds of lives without even knowing it! KK

Dear Reader, please contact me first before writing a negative review

Comment here on Dear Kim, write a message on Facebook, or send an e-mail.

Kim, I realized, You are not Fake!

(If you made a purchase: you have my e-mail address!) Otherwise, read the following open letter.

Open Letter to Anuj Bohara who gave one star to CELBANPrep Listening Complete: claiming it is a scam.

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Here are a few more that might help you to appreciate the work that has gone into creating these CELBANPrep resources over the past 10 years.

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