Walking on Eggshells

newproject_1_original (2)Friends,

On March 9th I sent out a request, Help? RE: CELBANPrep Listening Complete Review on Amazon.  I did so with a confidence, knowing the Love and Loyalty that I had accrued during the time of creating and teaching CELBANPrep  from Internationally Educated Nurses from across Canada and around the world would be mobilized, as if in my defense. I Knew this, deep within my being, because of the solid foundation of the relationships that I formed with so many amazing people. I am so very grateful that I was inspired to create CELBANPrep, which allowed me to build such fruitful relationships. My Nurses have been a source of inspiration. They have become my trusted friends. And their prayers have carried me. Each time I questioned whether I was continue, something would happen, I would meet another dear soul, and I would Know that God wanted me to continue.

It is with gratitude that I read the responses from Amrit and Simona who commented on my blog, Dear-Kim.com. It was with joy that I received e-mails from Merry, Reids, and Mandeep. It was with deep gratitude that I read the reviews that started to appear on Amazon: L.D., D.H., Olof, Gurvirj. This includes the most recent one from Sherol for Reading Complete. (She who assisted me in determining what was happening for others and how to communicate requirements and limitations more clearly. The application of Kindle could not open the audio.What is the remedy for playing those tracks? ) And it is today that I share with you what was sent to me, via e-mail, by Rieds.

Rieds was one of My Nurses whose spiritual X factor shone brilliantly. It was for this reason that I drew her close, welcoming her into the CELBANPrep family. As you read what she wrote, you will understand why.

Walking on Eggshells

by Rieds

I wonder in amazement what is it that benefits a person who is bitter and vocal in passing negative, spiteful , insensitive and hurtful comments. Doing or saying the most  irrational and self defeating things is no less then walking on eggshells. We can never take back words once said. So to one and all out there before taking that big leap to bring someone down without evidence,stop to think for a moment.

Would you like to be treated this way?

I purchased CELBANPrep before it was available on Amazon. I will always be a proud student of CELBANPrep. Just like a bird that flies freely so too have I spread my wings to amazing nursing career pathways. My unique and phenomenal CELBANPrep teacher Kim, was my anchor of support. She indirectly gave me the courage to ask questions and to express what I really desired as an Internationally Educated Nurse. So there is no question that CELBANPrep is not legitimate! [It is!]

It is natural to have glitches. Technology in itself is not perfect! Kim will always guide her students. If you are having  challenges with opening up videos or audios, Kim is just an email away to support and clear misunderstandings.

The old English saying ‘ you can take the horse to the water, but you can’t make the horse drink the water.’ So please reach out to Kim and just ask for help. Kindly refrain from saying that CELBANPrep is a scam. It takes years and many valuable hours to implement a resource and learning tool/ guideline like CELBANPrep. We all need to educate and empower ourselves as  Internationally Educated Nurses. In the years that I have followed through with CELBANPrep I am witness to the many special offers  that Kim has put out there, be it for Thanksgiving, Halloween etc. Another reason to go back and check online at the history of CELBANPrep [by reading posts on Dear Kim].

Let us remember to always speak with integrity.

Use the power of your words in the direction of truth and love.

Dear Kim. 

God  and all your  loyal students support you with unconditional love . You have succeeded in making the difference to many Intentionally Educated Nurses. Please continue to do so. It will gratify some people and it will certainly astonish the rest. When a nurse passes  CELBAN it is a direct reflection of all your effort and hard work. 

‘The start of something new brings the hope of something great.

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE’ ~ Author unknown

Blessings and  warm regards


Rieds was also guest writer of Ducks Quack. Eagles Soar. Be an Eagle not a Duck and A Ray of Hope for every Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN) Do you not agree that I have been blessed to meet so many beautiful souls? Kim

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