The application of Kindle could not open the audio.What is the remedy for playing those tracks?

CELBANPrep SuiteDear Miss Kim,

I just want to inform you that I bought the 3 books, Listening,Reading and Speaking yesterday.My concern is that I cannot open the videos as well as the link of the youtube.

The application of Kindle could not open the audio.What is the remedy for playing those tracks?

Thank you.



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Thank you, Sherol, for writing.

Let us take a few steps back.

  • You were able to open the documents? You were able to see all of the pages? It is just the videos that are not working?
  • What device are you using? iPhones and iPads have the greatest limitation. Desktops/Computers work differently. 
  • Did you try it on another device? 
I found on my phone, the Kindle App was kinda funky. Some times the links and videos worked and some times they did not. So the problem is not in the resource/e-book. Please try another device, before replying. 
Next, if that does not work,
  • What is your phone number and availability? 
  • Can we connect online so I can see what is happening? 
I am sorry it is not working. I do not know why. I have tested it on my end on phones/laptops/desktops. So I know each functions differently. 
I appreciate your patience and understanding. 


While there have been several people who have commented about links not working, only Sherol accepted my invitation to troubleshoot to explore what was happening on her end. 

I am using the iphone6 and iphone6 plus.i will try it on my laptop.

Do I need to download the application of kindle?

Oh, yes! You must have the Kindle App! KK

Dear Kim,

I am a bit discouraged on buying the e-book.

I tried to download the Kindle App on my devices such as my 2 iphones, 1 LG phone and 1 laptop. I tried everything that I might but I could not.Those videos are really important and the test booklets that I need to print, I couldn’t open at all.
I know that I am not the only person who might experience the same thing. I invested a lot to buy these books and I became a member on your page.
Please help!

Discovering the Problem/Creating a Solution

Sherol shared her contact information. I called her Friday evening, where we explored what was happening on each device she was using. Her iPhone could only be used as “read-only”. Some of the links worked, from her desktop, but others did not. Immediately I started doing some research and found this posting on the Adobe Forum where other developers like me were having similar difficulties after spending similar amounts of time on a project (6 months) with similarly upset customers. Ironically, the post was created in 2015 and the problems still remain.

What that means is that the problems are not within what I have created but in how devices interpret the information; and, it is happening for many other people. (17 people throughout the years, and various comments to August 2018) 

In reading the comments on the forum, I spend the rest of Friday evening and all of Saturday, until 8pm, creating work-arounds. I also created the following table so that you can know the requirements and limitations of the devices you are using.

2020 CELBANPrep Print Replica Requirements

Updates have been submitted to Amazon, to ensure that when phones and devices can only be used as “read-only” devices that all the information can be accessed on PC desktops and laptops. (At this moment, as all links are active, everything is accessible on most desktops.)

Amazon’s E-Book Update Policy (

As per the Amazon policy, any purchases made from this day forward include the updates. You will know if you have an updated copy if you see this table in the first few pages, which can be viewed when you “Look Inside” or ask Amazon to “Send a Free Sample”.

As per the Amazon policy for people who have already made purchases, once they have reviewed the updates, they will contact customers by e-mail that an update is available, within 7 days.

NOTE: when you are sent a sample, it is only the first few pages of the document. Each of the CELBANPrep Suite available through Amazon is around 70 pages in total! Allow time for it to download!

Updates Are Available for Purchases Made Before March 2018


But, there is another story here. I like to call it:

CELBAN Speaking: Compare and Contrast

The Tale of Two Nurses

Here is another comment I received on, which I replied to via e-mail.

This is cheating…. didn’t get any book. Got only few slides and no practice material.

Hello, S,

I am sorry to read your comments.
Did you purchase the CELBANPrep Listening Complete from Amazon?
Surely it is more than a few slides. The CELBANPrep Listening Study Guide itself is more than 20 pages long. And there are two CELBANPrep Sample Tests.
Are you sure you downloaded the entire document? Not just the free sample?
The entire document is over 75 pages long!
I am wondering what happened if you only got a few slides? And no practice material.


I have not heard a reply from you, yet.
Is there one forthcoming?
Did you figure out what happened and why you were not able to access the entire document?

Hi Kim

I didn’t figure out your fake materials … I can send u screenshots of what am having


They are not fake. I promise you. Please do send screen shots.
Actually, if we can set up a time I would like to connect using webinar technology so I can see your screen and see what is happening.
Would I really be reaching out if it were fake?
Would I really be contacting you to see what the problem is and how to fix it?
It could be on my end, on Amazon’s end, or on your end.
I can not tell unless we explore. And I am willing to explore.
I appreciate you helping me to understand what is happening and what is not working.

No reply.

If you were to do a Compare and Contrast for these two nurses, for CELBAN Speaking how would it go? What is the same?
  • both are Internationally Educated Nurses
  • both have accessed CELBANPrep through Amazon
  • both have commented on Dear Kim

What is different?


  • The first IEN is kind and patient. Although she is frustrated and disappointed she is not taking it out on me. Instead she is establishing a relationship based on secure attachments by seeking a repair to the situation. Her repeat question is, “What is the remedy?” She is offering what Brene Brown calls generosity. She comes from a perspective of worthiness understanding that we are an imperfect people in an imperfect world doing the best that we can. She, herself, is part of the solution. It is this kind of attitude and perspective that stands out to me. She is the type of person I want to assist in her career. She, and others like her, is my motivation for dedicating my weekend to finding a solution. From the perspective of Love and Light, she radiates acceptance, understanding, compassion, patience and beauty.
  • The second IEN comes from a different perspective. Her reality is one of pain, anger or fear. Perhaps it is from her cultural background, and political climate back home. Or maybe it is because of family dynamics. Or, because she has been taken advantage of. Even in the safety and security of Canada, her perspective is one of people cheating her. And while it is true, there are people like that, the projection of anger/frustration/pain/fear on others (me) reflects a very different inner world and reality from our first IEN. I learned, from a Native American elder a long time ago, “Never pity those who are strong.” For this reason I do not feel pity for this nurse and the circumstances that created her false claims about me. Instead my thoughts go out to her with compassion and hope that being in Canada and accessing resources that are made available to her, that she will come to a place of healing: having the skills and abilities to build secure attachments and healthy relationships with a perspective of being part of the solution, seeking remedies, and repairs.

Where we are born, how we are raised, our culture, the political turbulence we have experienced: none of it gives us permission to treat other people with disregard.

Although I was born in Canada, being raised in Montreal, Quebec, at a time of great political chaos did not dampen my ability to see and be the good I see in other people. So it is with Internationally Educated Nurses I have met from: The Philippines, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Germany, Lebanon, Iceland, Jamaica, Isreal, and so many other countries and of so many different faiths. Despite the oppression they experienced, despite the political chaos, despite the difficulties experienced in migrating to Canada and the process of becoming a registered nurse: they have continued to shine their individual lights with hearts that Heal through Love. They Know, deep within, that they are Children of God; from that perspective they treat others with the respect and dignity that we all deserve.

I keep coming back to the post I wrote: It starts with one decision. Choose well! I would like to add Ducks Quack. Eagles Soar. Be an Eagle not a Duck written by Reids.

Who we are, how we see the world, what we manifest starts out with our individual choices.

cpmedal10933975_996696923693318_4814377397618446119_nThe CELBANPrep Gold Medal says:

  • Decide
  • Commit
  • Practice
  • Overcome
  • Achieve

I Know that Sherol and Arminder (who commented on Facebook) and other IENs like them, who overcome obstacles will achieve their goals.

They will do it with confidence and self-assurance that comes from character building moments. To them I have the deepest gratitude, because they emulated a lesson I needed to apply. If you know my story. If you have been following me; then you know that I live this motto. I have overcome and I am achieving. And so can you! (That is what the Dear Kim Sessions are all about!)



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