A Ray of Hope for every Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN)

Dear Kim
One of the the greatest mental freedoms is to let go of what someone else thinks of you!
Peopleโ€™s negative comments will only make you stronger and CELBANPrep even more popular. God is great . He sees and hears all. I was a student of Kim and I can honestly say that she continues to be a ray of hope for every Internationally Educated Nurse. Dear Kim you are unique and a blessing in disguise to thousands of nurses out there . Keep the faith and take CELBANPrep onto even greater heights!
Posted comment fromย An Interview with Kim

Ray of Hope-276014_1280Dear Rieds,
It is sooo good to hear from you again. Of course, what you have written is true. Yes, I agree to the whole of it. I am grateful that in a world dull of judgement, skeptics and pessimists to know that you stand in the Light of God: bathing in it.

I am ever mindful of how God has carried me through various aspects of my life; and, how much He has guided me in creating CELBANPrep. It is a true demonstration of His love for His children regardless of nationality. That these text books exist is more evidence of that undying love and His will that IENs find/have the support and resources they need to create better lives/lift themselves out of poverty/ obtain their dreams.

I am so deeply touched by your words. I look forward to the day that God blesses me to come to where you live so that I can meet you face to face! I had that intent a long time ago. It got lost in the ashes. But, your message has resurrected that intent like a Pheonix!ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Do take care of yourself Rieds! And thank you for your prayers for me. I felt them. They were answered. This work is a testimony and witness of that!

In Spirit,

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