A Ray of Hope for every Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN)

Dear Kim
One of the the greatest mental freedoms is to let go of what someone else thinks of you!
People’s negative comments will only make you stronger and CELBANPrep even more popular. God is great . He sees and hears all. I was a student of Kim and I can honestly say that she continues to be a ray of hope for every Internationally Educated Nurse. Dear Kim you are unique and a blessing in disguise to thousands of nurses out there . Keep the faith and take CELBANPrep onto even greater heights!
Posted comment from An Interview with Kim

Ray of Hope-276014_1280Dear Rieds,
It is sooo good to hear from you again. Of course, what you have written is true. Yes, I agree to the whole of it. I am grateful that in a world dull of judgement, skeptics and pessimists to know that you stand in the Light of God: bathing in it.

I am ever mindful of how God has carried me through various aspects of my life; and, how much He has guided me in creating CELBANPrep. It is a true demonstration of His love for His children regardless of nationality. That these text books exist is more evidence of that undying love and His will that IENs find/have the support and resources they need to create better lives/lift themselves out of poverty/ obtain their dreams.

I am so deeply touched by your words. I look forward to the day that God blesses me to come to where you live so that I can meet you face to face! I had that intent a long time ago. It got lost in the ashes. But, your message has resurrected that intent like a Pheonix! 🙂

Do take care of yourself Rieds! And thank you for your prayers for me. I felt them. They were answered. This work is a testimony and witness of that!

In Spirit,

Learn about the Hope Sessions at www.DearKim.ca.

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