Q. How Do You Feel When People Accuse You of Being a Scam, or Claim That Your Prices Are Too High?

Q. How Do You Feel When People Accuse You of Being a Scam, or Claim That Your Prices Are Too High?

A. I have to laugh when I hear that people think I am a scam. Anyone who makes such claims has no idea who I am or what I have done. They have not done their research, or read my blog: Dear Kim. Scammers do not invest the amount of time and energy into building something as I have.

So, I laugh every time IENs disclosed their concerns to me. A few comments can be heard in Who is Kim? – YouTube. It is a hoot!

But, I do not always laugh it off.

I am human. I have dedicated ten years to making these resources to support others, to sustain them in obtaining their dreams: some times  I reach a breaking point. I did when I got an e-mail from a nurse that spurred the post:  I also got a comment on Facebook that incited, CELBANPrep: expensive for an ebook?

Such sentiments tend to bother me a bit when I consider that the amount I invested in creating eight versions of CELBANPrep over nine years making between $2 and $5/hr.

I often think, “Would you do that? Would you dedicate your time and effort for that many years, with that kind of financial reward? Will you, as a nurse, work for free  – or $2 to $5/hr?”

I knew that the answer was no. But, people do not know that about me. They have no idea about the work I did in creating CELBANPrep, making it such a success.

Why did I do it?

It was a labour of love. And CELBANPrep allowed me to be at home with my daughter when she most needed me to be there for/with her. That is why I have so much compassion for busy moms and dads (and others) in the tag Time Management  and have created the Dear Kim Session entitled: the Healing Healers Series.

My daughter was 3 when I started my Adult Education certificate. She was 8 when I graduated with my MEd; 11 when I started IEPC and CELBANPrep.

In fact I created the activities I use in the  Healing Healers Series for my daughter when she was 6 years old and came home from school at the end of grade one wanting to play and watch movies all day! It became part of my graduate work and the basis of this workshop that has made a difference in lives of professionals nation wide.

Anyone who says such things doesn_t know me. They treat me as they would some large corporation. But if they were understood that one person created all of this (CELBANPrep)_ they woul

Anyone who says such things doesn’t know me. They treat me as they would some large corporation. But if they were understood that one person created all of this (CELBANPrep): they would be in awe.

One of my loyal nurses, who never even took CELBANPrep, wrote this to me in an e-mail recently,

Happy that you find a strength to continue with CELBAN…
You are really a true role model for many!

The love and support I have received from my nurses has been immense. My hope is that instead of judging me people learn of my story, they learn of me, they find inspiration and sign up for the Dear Kim Sessions. Because, while I will no longer be teaching CELBANPrep in the way I was before, I will continue to encourage and be a beacon of light not only for Internationally Educated Nurses, but also other Internationally Educated Professionals who are Busy Moms and Dads (or those who will be) and Disillusioned Dreamers. It would be a joy to tour nationally with the Hope Sessions, and the  Healing Healers Series!

I look forward to guiding Internationally Educated Nurses, and their friends and family who are also Internationally Educated Professionals in Career and Passion Planning, and finding Meaningful Work with the Employment and Personal Branding Series.

Dear Kim Series

As you can see from the graphics, there is an infusion of Hope, Love and Light. That is who I am. That is what I am about. But it is time for me to step away from teaching online; it is time for me to be speaking with people, in person, across the country and even around the word. Inshallah, as many of My Nurses would say. God Willing.

My work has not ended; it has been clarified and refined.

And so it is. Worlds without end. Amen.


I express deep gratitude to Reids, an IEN who both completed CELBANPrep and was selected for training as a writing coach. Along with repeatedly sending words of encouragement and inspiration, she wrote two wonderful responses to this question posed during An Interview with Kim. 

I re-posted them as articles on Dear Kim:

  1. A Ray of Hope for every Internationally Educated Nurse (IEN)
  2. Ducks Quack. Eagles Soar. Be an Eagle not a Duck.

This is the quality of people, the blessings I have received, as God has brought special people from around the world to me: to grow and learn together!

It is so lovely and rewarding when people take the time out of their busy lives to write, comment, and say hello! KK

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