Open Letter to Anuj Bohara who gave one star to CELBANPrep Listening Complete: claiming it is a scam.

Open Letter to Anuj Bohara who gave one star to CELBANPrep Listening Complete claiming it is a scam

Anuj, Had you purchased your CELBANPrep Membership at or www.CELBANPrep. info to access the Test and Answer Booklets you would have access to my e-mail address. Alternatively you could have contacted me through or Facebook. Instead you chose to write a negative review slandering the work I have done and what I have created because you failed to read the instructions about the Kindle Print Replica Technical Requirements and Limitations on Page 6.

Amazon 5

Requirements Page

If you had read page 6 you would have discovered that your device is a read-only device. This is not a limitation of your Kindle Print Replica but what you used to access CELBANPrep Listening Complete. Had you explored other devices, as suggested, you would have discovered that using a laptop or computer instead of your smart phone (or whatever device you used) would have provided what your device could not: active videos and interactive links. I challenge you to try other devices and see how uninformed you were to write such a negative review. 

The problem is not with Amazon or CELBANPrep but the limitations within your devices.

Information was provided. Access to communicate with me was made available. But instead you chose to rant and write a negative review.

At the end of the day, when people send out negativity it comes back many fold. Choosing kindness, compassion, patience and understanding will always get you further in life.

Each decision we make – each act we take – is an expression of our innate character.

Please see to discover how hundreds of Internationally Educated Nurses from across Canada and around the world have benefited from reading instructions.


Amazon PIt appears there are others that fail to read instructions as well.  Others that display their lack of literacy publicly!

Please ensure you read the following instructions!

Dear Friends,

If you are purchasing CELBANPrep Complete (either for reading or listening) please ensure you do the two following things:

  1. READ the information on the Kindle Print Replica Technical Requirements and Limitations. UNDERSTAND the limitations of your devices. PLAN accordingly. (If you have a read-only device: use it to read. Access a different device for the videos and links.)
  2. PURCHASE your CELBANPrep Membership at or The membership grants you access to the downloadable printable test and answer booklets that could not be included in the Kindle Print Replica e-books.
  3. CONTACT ME if you are having problems! Once again, you get to choose whether to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

A copy of the  Kindle Print Replica Technical Requirements and Limitations table is provided below.

Be informed. Ignorance is not an attractive quality. Demonstrating ignorance publicly is even more disenchanting. And at the end of the day what we send out comes back to us.  Through CELBANPrep I have been so richly blessed by the IENs I have met! That is how I can sleep with myself at night! KK

Amazon 5

Requirements Page

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