I felt very sad to know that that’s all you have for [CELBAN] Listening.

I felt very sad to know that that's all you have for CELBAN ListeningKim,

Good day! I just want to ask if you still have more listening sample tests and answers? I purchased the Listening complete with sample test one and two for $10 with only 6 tests. I want to avail more of the listening so that I can practise more.  Another skill I wanted to improve is my writing skill. I took IELTS twice and its always 6 while my listening and speaking were 8-8.5 and reading 7. I also want to have some writing tests with someone who can check my writings or a sample answer that I can compare with. Thank you so much. S

Dear S,

Thank you for contacting me both through e-mail and Facebook.
Just to be clear: did you get both pieces of the Listening Complete
  1. The Amazon Print Replica (which includes the study guide) and
  2. The Membership (which gives access to the test and answer booklets?)
If you did, that is all that I have for Listening at the moment. I did create a Listening course some time ago, but it is still in note form on paper. It has not been created as yet because the advances in technology required me to create a new version of CELBANPrep every year! What you have is the 9th version. So I was unable to create more Sample Tests. That is why they are Sample Tests and not Practice Tests. The intent is to bring awareness to you of the format of the exam. They were never intended to assist you in increasing your score. There are tips in the Study Guide on how to do that.
Also, I do have intentions to create more resources, but it takes 5 hours to create one 2 minute video! At the moment I am working on the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials, so it won’t be available for some time.
As for writing, if you purchased your print replica from Amazon you know that there are two Textbooks for CELBANPrep Writing Level One and Level Two. They are both essential to learn skills to assist in getting an accepted score. The textbooks are based on the courses I taught for 9 years. As I am no longer teaching, I have created these books so that a tutor can use them to assist you in your preparations even if they are not familiar with the exam. There are notes and suggestions and assignments for the tutor to assess.
That is how the Textbooks are different from the Complete series.
If you go to www.CELBANPrep.info you will find more information about these resources (and also for Speaking).
Click the link for the resource and you will be lead to a page with more details about how to access that resource in 100 countries through Amazon. If you are in one of the 12 countries where Amazon has a website, you can click on the country and see what is available all in one glance.
I hope this helps.
If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me!
P.S. Have a great long weekend!

Hi Kim,
I felt very sad to know that that’s all you have for Listening. Yes I got the study guide and the Listening test (6 tests) and answer booklets. I wish there’s still more because we need to get Listening score of 10, so we need to practise more on that. Anyway, I will be purchasing the Writing level 2 also. Thank you very much.

Dear S,

I understand your sentiment! I am sorry for the disappointment about CELBAN Listening.
If things had happened how I imagined, nine years ago, there would be a host of videos and questions. But with technology changing every year, and that it was only me getting paid what little Internationally Educated Nurses from the Philippines and other places could pay, I was limited in how much I could do. If I had government funding, like many other organizations, or other courses and sources of revenue, I could have done more. But then I would have been limited to who I could serve. You see, I worked for an employment agency that was funded by the government when I first started working with IENs. I was only allowed to work with IENs living in a certain geography with certain immigration statuses.
  • But what about the other people living outside of that area that had no resources and no one to ask?
  • What about Live in Care Givers and other Temp Foreign Workers?
I ventured out so that I could help all IENs no matter where they came from or what status they had. It gave me freedom I could not have otherwise.
The pinaccle moment for that decision came when I received a long distance phone call from an IEN working on an oil rig off of England.
Where on earth was he to get the information he needed? What was I to do, hang up on him? Was I to say, “I am sorry I cannot help you”?
That is when I decided to start IEPC and CELBANPrep.
I did create a course for listening, but again, it is not ready for the public. I am hoping to work on it at Christmas time, but it does not help you any!
So, yes, I understand your disappointment and sadness for I feel it too.
Why did I do that? Why did I start working day and night to reformat everything I created into Kindle Print Replicas?
Because I knew you were out there. I knew that you and many other IENs were out there looking for resources. And I was astounded that after 10 years of teaching CELBANPrep, with all these people and schools eventually realizing the need, that there were still no books and textbooks available!
But here they were, unformatted, collecting ether dust in my computer doing absolutely no good for anyone!
So, at this time the resources I have created for CELBANPrep are limited; but, at least they are available to you and to other IENs in 100 nations through Amazon rather than doing nothing for anybody in my computer. And, in time, my YouTube Channels will be filled. In time my listening course will be complete. And it is because of people like you who invested in yourself by purchasing CELBANPrep Listening and Writing Level Two. For in all reality the reason why CELBANPrep exists in the first place is because other IENs have come before you and invested in themselves. When people invest in themselves through CELBANPrep I am able to invest my time and energy in creating more resources. But the second someone writes a negative review, the moment my sales go down, I am limited in what I can produce because I have to invest my time and energy working somewhere else to generate an income. Considering Amazon takes 60% of the royalties, I am not making enough money to live off of; I am not making enough money to be able to invest all of my time, energy and talent into creating more resources.
So, S, at the end of the day you are a luminary. You are illuminating the path way for others to follow. You are illuminating yourself and others by NOT writing a negative review, but instead contacting me and voicing your disappointment: a disappointment I share.
As you can see from the length of my message, I do care. I am simply one person doing a job that takes many!
All the best, and, you know how to contact me! 🙂

Open Letter to Bern who gave No Stars to CELBANPrep ListeningDear IEN, Please note the difference between this interaction and Bern who wrote a negative review on Amazon. Both felt the same disappointment. Both had a similar need. But each had a very different approach. One resulted in compassion and understanding and the other resulted in burnt bridges. Please remember to treat yourself and others with dignity and respect. It will come back to you many fold. You will find your journey in life much more pleasant, with support and assistance from unexpected sources.

Sincerely, Kim

P.S. Ensure you read Rieds’ comment.


As always, if you have problems in accessing your resources, please demonstrate dignity and respect by contacting me before writing a negative review so that I can do my best to address the issues. Comment here on the blog, or on Facebook. KK

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