♦ I am hesitant to purchase any online resources or services [including CELBANPrep]

Dear Kim,
I am hesitant to purchase any online resources or services. However, I came to a point where I need to do something or else my SRNA application will be expired. I have tried IELTS many times and it reaches the verge of lowering my self-esteem. Now, I am opting to try CELBAN.
I have been receiving email updates from your site. .. I hope you can help me uplift my self worth.
Thanks so much!

Fear of Failing  ExamsJ,

Which emails are you getting, from when you signed up to How to Prepare for the CELBAN or Dear Kim?  https://dear-kim.com/ I think you might like these two tags:

Otherwise, J, I understand your hesitation. That is why generating trust is one of my main missions. I could be teaching in a classroom but I knew there were people all over Canada and all over the world who needed to learn what I was teaching. I also knew that many lived in remote areas where there is no access to any other material. Having lived in remote communities I know what that can be like. So I decided that instead of teaching a few people in Edmonton, I would create an online business.

But how do I do that when my clients are immigrants, who are so vulnerable to being taken advantage of?

There are several things I do.

  1. I post e-mails on Dear Kim, with the questions I am asked and the questions I give. I post assignments, and I post thank you messages.
  2. I offer free resources, then some for $4.99, and some for $9.99 so people can see what kind of resources I create before spending hundreds of dollars on the courses.
  3. I offer discounts in coupons, and Membership Privileges and additional supports to people subscribing to courses.
  4. I continue to create new resources all the time. Right now I am working on some for listening, reading and another one for writing.
  5. I partnered with PayPal, the most trusted and secure online payment transaction process.
  6. And I reply to e-mails myself!
But it comes down to a decision: do you feel safe enough to risk? The thing is, you are not alone. Read these:
Finally, there are a few traits of those who engage in online fraud. One is that they do not invest a great deal of time or money on creating their online identity. Meaning they would not waste time creating various sites, and definitely not a blog with over 200 posts of e-mail messages! Yet, I have created:

And if this has not generated any trust, ask around. Someone you know, who is an IEN, is bound to know me and CELBANPrep.

So, J, read these e-mail and these links and ask the question, “Why would Kim spend so much time writing such a long e-mail?” And you will come to the same conclusion that so many other people have come to. 🙂

Have a great night!

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