How Can I Trust This?

How can i trust this. i really need material. i passed for speaking. i couldnt pass for writing and reading.i wish if i get material. B.

Dear B,

That is a great question: How can you trust this? It is very diffcult to trust, especially when there is so much fraud online and with immigration. If you see my posts on Facebook, Dear Kim, and IEPC Press you know this is an important issue to me. I am constantly and continually providing information with the hopes that I can prevent people from being victimized.

So how can you trust me? How can you trust CELBANPrep?

Knowing this to be a concern, I have created resources at different price points to gain your trust. By accessing FREE resources you learn more about the CELBAN and CELBANPrep. You also get to see the quality of resources. Creating quality resources takes time. Each practice exam takes between 8-25 hours to create. Each 2 minute video takes 5 hours to create. Scam artists do not invest that kind of time into creating resources.

FREE CELBANPrep resources include:

I know some people might still be concerned so I have created Study Guides and Practice Exams for reasonable prices. In this way the risk is low.

Confidence is also built when people read posts on Dear Kim, or sending me an e-mail, as you have done. Certainly, by getting a personal e-mail you gain confidence.

Before you make a larger purchase of CELBANPrep Writing or Speaking or both, I would hope that you would have read the e-mail I send with the How to Prepare for the CELBAN Study Guide and Practice Exam. It speaks directly about internet fraud, encouraging you to ensure that your computer is protected by identity theft programs as part of your virus protection before you make an on-line transaction. You need to protect yourself. It also teaches you how to know if a site is secure. (Internet security is costly and not something scammers are willing to invest in.) Finally, I write about my reasons for using Pay Pal for the on-line transactions with Pay Pal being trusted by millions having built its reputation on being both safe and secure. There is an additional option of using On-line interact, if you have a Canadian Bank Account and On-line banking, like a money order, funds can be transferred from your bank without having any of your private information leaving the bank.

At the end of the day, B, the reason why I created CELBANPrep and IEPC is to make a difference in the world by helping people because it feeds my soul. One of my most treasured experiences in creating CELBANPrep is the relationships I have created with nurses from around the world. When you subscribe to CELBANPrep Speaking and/or Writing you will see what I mean. Many people who have subscribed have become fans on Facebook because they took a risk and now they know what you will come to know.


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