CELBANPrep 2018: 3 Things you can do between now and January

Hello Kim,
      Heyyy, look at you! Now that you came back for CELBANPrep,  you are truly full of life and energy. I couldn’t almost keep up with all the new projects you’ve been doing! So I did the 3 things I needed to do tonight so I won’t actually get behind. I appreciate you for taking me along in this journey and allowing  me to be a part of this despite being busy with life. I am very excited for all your plans. I just want you to know as always that I will always support you on your endeavors.
        Thanks again for the invite. 🙂

HapGood morning, D,

I smiled when I read your message. Yup, I am on fire! And you would be one to know, having been invited to so many different aspects of the multiple projects and initiatives I am working on. It is also because we have walked together on each other’s paths for years now, that you have seen me in action. I just laughed. I have been working on a video entitled, “Who is Kim.” It is so funny to hear people admit that they wondered if I actually existed!

I loved reading in your message, “[Y]ou are truly full of life and energy. I couldn’t almost keep up with all the new projects you’ve been doing!”  It is true what I wrote A New Year Comes and New Forces and Dreams Come as Well:

When we are on task, when we are on our path, when we are in alignment with the purpose God created us for: we have the time, we have the energy, we have the resources we need – all of them!

You are one person who knows this is true, because you are witnessing it! 🙂

Because, the second principle (also from that post) is:

When you feed your body, mind, heart and soul: in unity they will direct you. You will have the answers you need. And you will go forward in strength and confidence regardless of  what happens around you because you Know with every fiber of your being what you are to do, and when.

That is the magic of life. If we are not experiencing that, then there is something we need to shift in our lives to engage in the flow of life (mentally, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually). That is why I am inviting people along on my journey of Passion Planning. We all have dreams. We all have plans. We all want to live life with passion. But, we don’t need to wait for January first time come along. We can start now by:

  1. Organizing ourselves,
  2. Creating a To Do list,
  3. Getting a copy of the Passion Planner,
  4. Choosing a GameChanger,
  5. Identifying Barriers, and
  6. Joining me on the journey as we manifest a new reality individually but together!

When you mention the three things, I am guessing you are referring to the following:

So, there are three things you can do between now and January when I release CELBANPrep 2018:

  1. Follow me on Facebook , so that you get both updates and notifications when I have posted something on my blog.
  2. Follow me on Dear Kim, so that you get e-mail messages when I do post a longer article.
  3. Go to www.IEPC.ca to subscribe to the YouTube Channels I am creating, that you are interested in. This way you will get a notification as soon as I upload a new video.
These are my plans for CELBANPrep 2018. This is how you can keep yourself informed about what is happening and when.
That is awesome, that you did all three! (Actually I saw your activity on Facebook! 🙂
Things are changing. One of the greatest obstacles/distractors for me with other versions of CELBANPrep was how much time I spent on duplicated activities. Because of all the different projects I am working on: I am streamlining my processes and managing my time more effectively. There is a new CELBANPrep 2018 Communication Plan.

CELBANPrep 2018 Communication Plan


cp blogAs of January 2018, messages like this, of posts on Dear Kim, will no longer be sent out via e-mail.

If you want to receive e-mails, messages, articles or posts of e-mails and responses like this people will need to follow me on Dear Kim.

What is the difference between YouTube, Facebook and Dear Kim?

The following is how CELBANPrep will be using Social Media to communicate with you starting January 2018.

YouTube is for people preparing for the CELBAN:

Facebook is for people who want to follow me on my journey:

Dear Kim is for people seeking inspiration, support, hope, comfort and encouragement:

  • Messages, Articles, Posts
  • E-mails and Responses
  • Topics:
    • facing fears,
    • finding balance,
    • health and wellness, and
    • hope.

So, people will have choices to make.

  1. Are they simply interested in the CELBAN? (People who don’t really know me and do not have friends who have shared their experiences with CELBANPrep.)
  2. Are they simply needing encouragement, taking time to read my posts on Dear Kim?
  3. Or are they interested in all of the above? Then Facebook is the avenue for them.

Then there is people like you, who have become part of my own Career Tribe having become part of my inner circle. People like you who say/think/feel, “I am very excited for all your plans. I just want you to know as always that I will always support you on your endeavors.”

You feed me: heart and soul!

Thank you for coming to Canada. Thank you for taking CELBANPrep. Thank you for being my friend!



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