I hope you will continue to guide and help others in reaching their dreams.

Dear Kim,
Hi! Im J from Abu Dhabi.
I just read your blog about what happened to your daughter and I feel so sad. I believe everything happens for a reason. I hope you will continue to guide and help others in reaching their dreams.
My wife would like to take the Celban exam but we cannot find online resources or reviewers. It would be a great help if you can give us an idea where to get the review materials for Celban. She is planning to review here in the UAE then fly to Canada just to take the exam. She already have an application in NNAS but she lacks the english proficiency exam which is Ielts(academic) or Celban. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and God bless

Dear J,
I thank you for your kind and thoughtful message. I apologize for the delay in my response, which, you very well may understand. As you know, having a wife who is a nurse, those of us who are care takers, nurturers and healers must take time to heal and make ourselves well before we can uplift and assist others. Our individual recover rates depend on our emotional and spiritual resilience. Mine was pretty high for a long time, which allowed me to do what I was doing through CELBANPrep: uplifting and encouraging IENs many of whom who had lost hope. But the trauma I sustained took me a long time to recover. I am doing exceedingly well at the moment and am both excited and hopeful about what I will create for IENs over the next few months.

My path is taking me in a different direction altogether, but I can never forget my nurses who have given me so much. I am where I am because of the courage, tenacity and sheer will that I witnessed on a daily basis by individual IENs who overcame so many personal and professional barriers/struggles/traumas.

It is the loving prayers of people of so many nations that have carried me through. I have felt them at times of great weakness and I have been carried through this period of time on angels wings as a result.

I am a true testament that we as healers are required on this earth, and that God will do what is necessary to keep us in keeping with our life purposes of bringing healing light to the minds, hearts, bodies and spirits of those who cross our paths.
J, your message came to me for a reason. I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking about Dear Kim. I have not written or even checked in in a while. I wanted to write, but had no inspiration. But here it is: my response to you.

I hope that others are as generous and kind, thoughtful and caring about my situation as you have been. I apologize for not being there, during my leave. But, I promised that when I was strong again, that I would begin creating resources once again. How I feel in reading the comments that have been written over the last while, on Dear Kim, tells me that the time is now and I am ready. And, God has provided a way; I have the time to do so. So, while I may not have replied to your comment earlier, please know God has used you in His timing to provide a gift for me to give to others in my reply. Be well, and all the best to you and your wife. Remember that our relationships is all that we take with us when we cross the veil and, as Wayne Dyer said,

“Don’t die with your music still inside of you.”

Shine on.


5 responses to “I hope you will continue to guide and help others in reaching their dreams.

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  3. joewen esmeralda

    Hi Kim,
    I hope you are doing well! Sorry I was not able to reply as soon as I got your message. We went to Toronto last November 2017. I went with my wife to take her Celban exam and passed! May God continue to bless you!

    • That is wonderful news Joewen! Please tell your wife a hearty congratulations from me!

      And, I am so happy you wrote, no apologies required. Have you seen what your message inspired? Did you see my post “[Continuing] to guide and help others in reaching their dreams”? When I sent it to my e-mail list of 3000 people the opening rate was 104%! The response was overwhelming, and told me that IENs were waiting for me to continue to guide them. I worked for the following months to create CELBANPrep 2018/2020 and while your wife did not need it; she inspired something that will make life better for so many. So thank you , and a thank you out to her, for contacting me in the first place. It is because of your compassion that I was touched to show the same compassion to others! Be well, and all the best with your immigration process!


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