Changes with CELAS, the CELBAN and CCLB: Hope is on the Horizon!

Hi Kim .How are you doing?  Kim,  have you herd about the news from CELAS? There is interesting question ,really  unexpected, sudden changes are going to be . What should i do for example? Probably you have some idea  , or it  is  just my luck …..Hopefully, I do not intrusive….
Thank you so mush ,
All the best, A

DangerDear A,

Thank you for your message. I have been in contact with the Executive Director of CCLB, the Center for Canadian Language Benchmarks, offering my services in getting information out to IENs about the changes. I received a reply today, where he explained what is happening. I am awaiting an attachment before I post something with more details on Dear Kim.
This is what is on the CELAS website:
Message to all internationally educated nurses registered or interested in registering for CELBAN:
Currently the management of the CELBAN test is being reviewed. If you re presently registered for the test for the period September to December 2014, Red River College will be in touch with you soon. As of early August a confirmed schedule of upcoming tests as well as information on registration, appeals and retests will be on the CELBAN website. We thank you for your patience.
What this means is merely that CELAS will not be administering the CELBAN. The CCLB, the creators of the CELBAN, are looking for a new administrator who can handle the high demand for this exam and expand test sites. So the CELBAN will continue, and all of the plans for the exam that have been set for the fall will be honoured with as little disruption as possible.
So while the changes are “sudden and unexpected”, they in no way impact you or your preparations.  The only difference is who you will contact. But CELAS usually shuts down for the summer, so even there there really is no disruption. So please, continue with your preparations.
In all reality I welcome this news! Very good things can come from this change! There is a promise of more seats, more locations, maybe even more dates. The demand for the CELBAN is so high, that CCLB is working to fill that demand, and hopefully decrease wait times. Hope is on the horizon!
Please carry on with your preparations. If you have an exam date, continue to prepare for this date as if nothing has changed. And ensure you avoid falling into the CELBAN Trap.
In the mean time, become a follower on Dear Kim.
I will post updates there. 
An UPDATE was added July 22.
Please See the page: NEWS: CELAS and the CELBAN.

To Dear Kim Readers,
Please share this information with your friends and family. There are many distressed, confused and worried IENs that need this information and assurance.
Thank you for shedding hope!

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