♪♪ Strained Achiever: My worry is my safety nursing experience … will expire on november

NOTE: This message was written before the summer of 2014 when CELAS was still the national administrator of the CELBAN. There is a new national administrator of the exam. Still the issues facing Strained Achievers is timeless. KK
Dear Kim,
i have a concern, I isn’t registered or never been applied for celban exam. because your website shows full up to december 2014, so my worry is my safety nursing experience bckhome will expire on november 2014 therefore i must be able to pass english exam before november so i can get license before november,.Now can i study celban material even though i wasnt applied? because if i will apply on december as shown on your website which is open.will be useless.however acccording to marie claire there are no interruption in celban service. so that means i can able to take the exam whenever i am ready?
Hope for an explanation about the mechanics on celban service.
Thank you.

Smiling Physician near New FamilyDear C,

Thank you for your email. Just to clarify:
  • you wrote to Kim of CELBANPrep at http://www.celban.info not,
  • Kathy of CELAS at http://www.celban.org. They are the ones that administer the exam and have the seats full until December. But,  they are no longer the administrators of the exam, as of June 30, and will not answer your email.
  • Marie Claire is from the Center for Canadian Language Benchmarks, CCLB, the owners and creators of the CELBAN. They are involved in the changes with CELAS and the CELBAN, and they promise as little disruption in the process as possible.  Check out this post on my blog: 
But in reading your writing I have a greater concern for you than the expiration of your Stra1ned Dimondsafety nursing experience. Your writing skills and grammar are very poor and you will not be able to pass the CELBAN without great effort, lots of practice and time. As a result of your competing deadline, a stress factor, you are at risk of falling into the CELBAN Trap as a Strained Achiever. I advised that you wait until you are confident and sure you will pass. to make sure you understand how important it is, please read: WARNING: Avoid The CELBAN Trap! 
Finally I suggest you start your preparations now, so that you are using your time wisely. There are many changes happening to the process for IENs. It is best to continue on your path, keeping your goal in sight. Then when everything settles you will be ready. Letting go of the stress about November 2014 will allow you to progress and protect yourself from falling into the CELBAN Trap.

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