♫ Wherever I am, either in Dubai or UAE, I can still easily access the [CELBANPrep] course.

Dear Kim,

I am from Philippines but I had worked in Dubai, Middle East for 5 years. Since, I dream to migrate to other countries, ielts is always one of the requirements, inorder to get in. I attended almost all the ielts review center in the Philippines and I spent a lot of money but I failed for 3x. I lost my confidence. Everytime I heard an academic IELTS test I felt nervous. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I was so scared to take the test.

Moreover, I decided to migrate here in Canada but again they required me to submit IELTS test in general module. Although, I was so afraid but I don’t have choice but to try it. Fortunately, I meet the requirements.

MP900362857However, I thought this will be the end. I heard that inorder to become a Canadian nurse, it requires me to have an English test. Again, I felt hopeless I don’t know if I can make it.

Thanks God I meet you Kim. If I’m not lucky with IELTS maybe CELBAN is the way for me to achieve my dreams to become an RN in Canada.I believe that I can do it with your help. Thanks for the online review course you have made. It’s really helpful since I don’t have any background about this test. In addition, I felt your dedication, commitment and effort to established this course to help international nurses inorder to pass CELBAN. I never regret that I enrolled in your course even I was still in Dubai. I felt no difference wherever I am either in Dubai or UAE, I can still easily access the course.

Again, thanks Kim. Until me meet again online.



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