CT4 ♦ WARNING: I did my Celban last May without any preparation or any study guide

Updated this week

Hi Kim, I am from Philippines and just came 2 months here in Canada
I did my Celban last May  without any preparation or any study guide. My score in Listening is 7, Reading 8 Writing 6 and speaking 7 . I was frustrated and I’m planning to take again on November … J


Dear J,

I can understand your frustration. Many people take the exam without preparation, online courses, online classes, or accessing any material: often as soon as they arrive in Canada. This phenomenon is called the CELBAN Trap. 

The good thing is that your scores are really high. To achieve these scores without help and preparation is unheard of! Remarkable. This is a great achievement, so I hope you did celebrate. I know many many people that hope to have scores this high!

But I advise against you taking the exam too soon, and without preparation. Please consider the resources available at CELBANPrep University. There are CELBAN online courses and classes and CELBAN material including study planners, study guides, textbooks and workbooks. With you just arriving, you may think the resources are too expensive, but, it is important to remember that you are investing in yourself, your future, and your career.

I just had two friends, who were Internationally Educated Nurses from the Philippines come to visit me, in my home, as they do every year. They are now registered nurses in Canada and are very happy. Both of them are so glad they found me and CELBANPrep and invested time and energy into the process. Each of them invested over $500 to take CELBANPrep online course and classes. So, when you look at how much CELBANPrep costs, and all the options, consider that I taught thousands of IENs over ten years! During that time I saw what was slowing them down, standing in the way, and stopping them from advancing in their chosen career. Each time I did, I created a new resource.

It may be confusing to navigate. That is why I have created the:

  • Planners, and
  • User Guides.

These will give you some direction.

It is important to note that when I began teaching CELBANPrep there were very few reviewers and material available to prepare for the CELBAN. Since then lots of people and organizations have been claiming all kinds of things. Some promise intensive preparation courses. Please, do not be fooled. Please be wise.

Consider this: the CELBAN isn’t like other exams. It is the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses. What does the B stand for? Benchmark. What is a Benchmark? It is a term given to assessing skills. And, when it comes to the CLB, a benchmark is one whole grade!

How long does it take you to go from one grade to another?

One whole year!

So, please, please avoid falling into the trap of people who would deceive you and make you think you can prepare for the CELBAN in less time! From experience I know:

  • If you have a 5 on the IELTS it will take you between six months to a year to prepare (especially of you are a Busy Person or have become a Disillusioned Dreamer).
  • If you have a 7 in IELTS, it will take you from 3-4 months to prepare.

So, plan your time wisely!

Download your free copy of the two different planners. There is one for the CELBANPrep Grammar Series, and another one for CELBANPrep. Both of these are essential to acquiring the skills that will get you the required score you want, so that you can accelerate your path to becoming a registered nurse in Canada!

NOTE: To get a required score on the CELBAN you MUST demonstrate skills. You can not memorize your way to passing this exam. You MUST practice: reading, writing, listening and speaking! All of that requires exceptional skills with grammar!

And, remember, J, have to be willing to work hard, and dedicate time to practicing.

A minimum of 30 minutes a day is required.

  • If you only have half an hour a day to prepare, focus on one skill at a time, knowing it will take you longer to prepare.
  • If you have more time each day, spend 30 minutes on each skill. What that means is that you can be doing CELBANPrep Grammar, Writing Level One and Speaking at the same time!

So what do you think? Are you motivated to try it again? Are you willing to prepare? Are you smart enough to know good council when you receive it?

Go to www.CELBANPrep.info for more information about the Study Planners, User Guides, Workbooks, and Textbooks!

All the best,


Increase your Score: Save time and money! Explore CELBANPrep University.

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