I would just like to know if I can take my CELBAN first, then…apply for the NNAS. 

Updated 2021

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Hello Kim,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the helpful info that you have given others which I have browsed in your sites.  I, too, have similar situations and concerns like many IENS here in Canada trying to pursue their nursing profession.

I am from the Philippines. I am registered nurse back home with clinical experience of about 4 years. I arrived here in Calgary last January of this year, together with my family.

Yes, I have recently taken the CLBPT.  My scores are as follow: (7)listening, (8) speaking, (8) reading, (7) writing.

I have not taken any english exams before (IELTS/CELBAN).  I plan to take CELBAN very soon.  I would just like to know if I can take my CELBAN first, then once I successfully have my results, I plan to apply for the NNAS.  As with the NNAS, its about a year period that I must complete the process so as to avoid additional fees for extension. And the CELBAN score is part of its requirements.

I am looking forward to any valuable info from you that can assist me in my test taking  CELBAN.  I am just like the many that you have encountered who are at the starting point in Canada with not so much resources and finances, but with very big dreams to fulfill here in Canada.  I love it here for sure!

Thanks. C.

Dear C,

Although I enjoyed reading your message I especially enjoyed, “I am just like the many that you have encountered who are at the starting point in Canada with not so much resources and finances, but with very big dreams to fulfill here in Canada.  I love it here for sure!”
It is true, I encounter many nurses in my work, who are at the starting point in Canada: both with few resources and finances, yet, with big dreams. That is what makes my work so fulfilling.
I was speaking to a few people last week about how much I enjoy assisting others in obtaining their dreams: no matter what they are. And it is not only with CELBANPrep but in my personal life. I was overjoyed when I supported a friend in buying a house, and another deciding to go back to school to get a specific certification. I, myself, starting a new business: teaching more people, teaching more that English, Grammar and Communications.
But what makes you different, C, is that you are so well informed. You know that:
  • You need to get your English Proficiency exam.
  • You need to be registered with NNAS.
  • It is best to get your CELBAN or IELTS score before you register with NNAS.
  • Your registration with NNAS will expire in one year. And
  • There are additional fees to pay when your NNAS account expires.
  • (Please see: Understanding NNAS (the National Nursing Assessment Services.)
Yet, you still have a question about timing. Excellent.

It is hard for me to say anything about the timing of when to register for the CELBAN, except to register for NNAS after you have obtained a passing score.

Why? Because everyone is different.
See, C, there is a difference between my CELBANPrep model and other teaching models. Most courses are created based on timelines: from September to December, from January to June. The course is then divided into the number of weeks, and the lessons planned out accordingly.
That is a teacher-centred model. CELBANPrep is a learner-centered model, which actually emulated elements of client-centred care. (Client-centred care is a value, principle and way of being in many Canadian hospitals.)
So, with CELBANPrep, the courses are based on individual needs and capacities.
  • A stay at home mom, with time during the night when her husband is home, has more time than a nurse working as a care aid for 10 hours a day, and is a mom when she gets home! One has more time than the other, and can progress quicker.
  • On the other hand, some nurses come to me fluent in English, having done all their schooling in English, and having taken some nursing classes in Canada. They progress quickly. But there are others who come to Canada with lower competencies; they take longer.
So CELBANPrep had been created to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of each individual nurse, instead of forcing everyone into the same learning time line.
While there are four lessons for each of the CELBANPrep Writing Level One (CELBAN Writing Task 1), CELBANPrep Writing Level Two (CELBAN Writing Task 2), and CELBANPrep Speaking, it may take some IENs one week to complete each lesson, while it takes one month for other IENs to complete the same lesson.
NOTE: Many people think that all of these modules should be in one book because that is how the books for IELTS have been created. But, the textbooks and modules for CELBANPrep have been created as they are, separately, to allow for Individualized learner-centred study plans. 
  • People who do not have a lot of time to prepare for the CELBAN exam can work through one book at a time, and feel a sence of completion at the end. 
  • People who have more time can use the text books for CELBANPrep Writing Level One (CELBAN Writing Task 1), and CELBANPrep Speaking, at the same time. 
  • The whole point is to build up your confidence, while preventing feelings of overwhelm, not knowing where to start and procrastination. 

Think about the textbooks you have. Think about a really large book, about 500 pages, and what that course was like for you. Now think about a smaller text book, with 50 or 100 pages. How do you feel about that book and that course? 

See. There is Psychology in learning. And what I have created integrated ways that you are unconsciously Mastering Your Psychology


Personally, I feel confident in encouraging IENs to register for the CELBAN when we both feel they are ready and confident in themselves.

With speaking this happens relatively quickly. With writing it may take more time. That is why I created the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essential series.
Traditionally it has taken between six months to a year (or more) for IENs to prepare for How longthe CELBAN. At least that is what I have found for many IENs who have a 5 in IELTS. What takes so much time is improving grammar. And yet, so many people have made the very same mistakes.
So, inspired by a message I received from one IEN, I created the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials. There are four modules, one for each weakness that I observed time and time again.
It is pretty cool. The first part of each lesson covers the basic grammar, through beautiful graphics. The second part teaches learners how to triage their mistakes. It actually teaches people how to identify the mistake, (what is slowing them down, standing in their way and stopping them from obtainint their dreams) and then how to correct it! This is powerful stuff! People have been able to improve their writing skills dramatically. It is pretty cool to observe!
But, the pattern is different for people like you who have higher scores. People with a 7 in IELTS have traditionally needed very little preparation for the CELBAN.
In both cases,  it is in the transition from CELBANPrep Writing Level One to CELBANPrep Writing Level Two that I usually recommend people registering for the CELBAN. By that time IENs have sufficient test-taking strategies that allows them to breeze through CELBANPrep Writing Level Two. 
(Some people have passed the CELBAN exam with CELBANPrep Writing Level One alone, but it is not recommended.)
And yet, in seeing your scores, I do not think it would take you very long. You can be up and running in a matter of months!

Save time and money! Increase your Score! Explore CELBANPrep University. 

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