C. Understanding NNAS

Updated 2021

There are two true and reliable sources for information about the CELBAN: 

The CELBAN Centre and NNAS.

“STEP ONE: Contact the CELBAN official Website

Check out the website of the CELBAN Centre (www.celbancentre.ca) to get test information. This is the CELBAN official website, adminstered by Touchstone.”

“STEP TWO: Learn more from the NNAS

Go to the National Nursing Assessment Service (www.nnas.ca/) website to get answers to the question:

What is the passing score for nurses on the CELBAN?”

from the CELBAN Help Centre @ www.celban.info

Dear IENs,

Back in August of 2014 the National Nursing Assessment Services, NNAS, began to oversee the documentation processing stage of becoming a registered nurse (LPN, RN) in Canada. Prior to 2014 the processing of documentation was done by each of the individual provincial colleges of nursing: BCCNM, CARNA, CLPNA, SRNA, SALPN, CRNM, CLPNM, CNO, NANB, NSCN, CRNPEI, CLPNPEI, CRNNL, CLPNNL, etc. 

So, in 2014 the process was streamlined. Since then NNAA has been collecting and assessing the documentation for your:

  • education,
  • experience,
  • licensure, and
  • English proficiency.

The following posts, collected here for your information, were written at that time. They are archived here, to help you better understand the process as it was being explained to Internationally Educated Nurses at that time. 

I collected all of the posts from “Dear Kim” about the National Nursing Assessment Services, NNAS, here on this one pages, so they are easily accessible. I hope that in providing this information, you have clarity and direction replacing the fog of confusion.


IMPORTANT NEWS: National Nursing Assessment Services (NNAS)

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow, August 12 2014, is a much awaited date, for Internationally Educated Nurses. It is the start of a whole new approach to becoming registered in Canada for both LPNs/ RPNs and RNs with the dawning of the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS). Announced in November, 2014, the NNAS is:

a non-profit organization comprised of the 22 member boards of all licensed practical nurse (LPN) (registered practical nurse in Ontario), registered nurse (RN), and registered psychiatric nurse (RPN) regulatory bodies in Canada, with the exception of Quebec and the Territories.

In this way you as IENs apply to one organization regardless of which province you live in, and whether you want to be an LPN/RPN, an RN, or a RPN.

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5 KEY POINTS about the National Nursing Assessment Services


  1. NNAS does not make decisions about an applicant’s eligibility for registration.
  2. NNAS conducts the initial review of an application.
  3. NNAS applies only to those applicants who were educated outside of Canada and have never been registered as a nurse in Canada.
  4. The registration requirements have not changed.
  5. NNAS only affects those who submit their applications after August 12, 2014.

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When should I register with the [National Nursing Assessment Services]?

Dear Kim,

Thank you for letting us know about the national nurse assessment services. I want to be a nurse in Canada. When should I register with the NNAS?


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I am still little confused about this NNAS assessment

Hey Kim,

I am still little confused about this NNAS assessment . My doubt is that if we are living in one province so can we submit our papers for evaluation to any other province or to which we belong. As, In Alberta regulatory bodies want the language scores first. Please clear my doubt.
Thanks for very useful information. Looking forward to hear back from you.

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CRNBC: New application process for Internationally Educated Nurses

Dear Friends,

For the past few days I have been scouring the internet and the 22 nursing licensure bodies websites and Facebook pages looking for information for you. Today I found a post by  the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, CRNBC , posted July 15, 2014. Although some of the information has already been given on this blog, there is additional information provided, and a wonderful graphic on the IEN registration pathway with both NNAS and CRNBC.

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Criteria for Registration and Licensure (IENs)

Dear Friend,

Wow! It is amazing what happens when you dig a little further into the information available online! In search for updates on NNAS I found out that the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia is very transparent in that they revealed the criteria for IENs to become registered and licensed in that province, based on their act as directed by their province. I am posting it now, as the opening of NNAS is bound to influence significant changes to the websites of the provincial colleges of nursing.

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CRNNS: Enhanced IEN Application Process

Dear Friends,

If you read the post CRNBC: New application process for Internationally Educated Nurses posted on Monday, then you saw an excellent graphic explaining the licensure process to become an RN in BC. There I wrote about how the steps for NNAS are universal, but the steps for each provincial college is different. On Tuesday I wrote about the Criteria for Registration and Licensure for IENs in Nova Scotia. In this post it is clearly evident that the provincial registration processes have been legislated by law: provincial not federal law. Today I will be sharing theEnhanced IEN Application Process from CRNNS in Nova Scotia. The CRNNS, like the CRNBC, has provided a graphic that transparently outlines the process of becoming a nurse in Nova Scotia.

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ARNPEI: Internationally Educated Registered Nurse Applicants

Dear Friend,

By now you should be pretty saturated with all the information about the licensure process, NNAS and the provincial licensure bodies. I know I am. In this process of doing all this research I think I have a pretty good handle on what is happening when it comes to the process of becoming a nurse in Canada. Mind you, I have also learned that it is not easy to find this information on the websites of the provincial colleges of nursing. It is certainly not on the front page, and often I have had to enter several search terms to find anything. That is what happened when I came to the Association of Registered Nurses of PEI. But with the persistence I have learned from you, IENs, I persisted. Alas I found their notifications and a PDF. If you have been reading along for the past week, then this will be a solidifying review. If you have not, or are in PEI, or are thinking of going to PEI here you are!


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I am just like the many that you have encountered… with not so much resources and finances, but with very big dreams

Hello Kim,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the helpful info that you have given others which I have browsed in your sites.  I, too, have similar situations and concerns like many IENS here in Canada trying to pursue their nursing profession.

I am from the Philippines. I am registered nurse back home with clinical experience of about 4 years. I arrived here in Calgary last January of this year, together with my family.

Yes, I have recently taken the CLBPT.  My scores are as follow: (7)listening, (8) speaking, (8) reading, (7) writing.

I have not taken any english exams before (IELTS/CELBAN).  I plan to take CELBAN very soon.  I would just like to know if I can take my CELBAN first, then once I successfully have my results, I plan to apply for the NNAS.  Its the time period that I am after here because as you are very much aware of getting a CELBAN slot is quite always on the fully booked status.  As with the NNAS, its about a year period that I must complete the process so as to avoid additional fees for extension. And the CELBAN score is part of its requirements.

I am looking forward to any valuable info from you that can assist me in my test taking  CELBAN.  I am just like the many that you have encountered who are at the starting point in Canada with not so much resources and finances, but with very big dreams to fulfill here in Canada.  I love it here for sure!

Thanks. C.

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8 responses to “C. Understanding NNAS

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  3. hello,i need help preparing CELBAN.i need online classes recommendations

    • Hello Preet,
      Thank you for your comment and email.
      For more information about CELBAN online classes, CELBAN online courses, CELBAN online training, CELBAN material, and CELBAN reviewers: please go to http://www.celban.info and http://www.celbanprep.ca.
      Everything created for CELBANPrep University is online!
      You will find all the information you need.

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