CoI Im just a bit confused which test am i going to take … celban or ielts.

Im just a bit confused which test am i going to take CELBAN vs IELTSDear kim,
Thank you for sending those emails each day. I really appreciate it. Im just a bit confused which test am i going to take, or ,which one is much easier for me,whether celban or ielts. English proficiency is the only exam left for me to get my RPN lisence here in canada and i must admit that i am no good in english grammar to begin with. And then i saw your name [on Dear Kim] answering all these questions and helping us by giving some tips. I taught that it would be of great help reading all the tips you have been sending us.
Maybe one time i will sit and open my computer to write down my questions. And i want to thank you in advance. Have a nice day ahead. God Bless!

Dear J,

Thank you for your message. You are cute in writing, “Maybe one time i will sit and open my computer to write down my questions.” I would love to do that for you, and here it is! It is your day!

As you may have noticed people ask basically the same questions. But there is always something different, something personal that brings things into perspective from a different angle that I had not thought about before.


So one of the emails was about the IELTS or the CELBAN. Did you get that? And did you read the posts? What do you think now?

That question I get asked all the time! At least once a week! In fact that is what has inspired the CELBAN or IELTS Series. So many people delay their progress because they can not answer this question. So many people spread their energy, time and attention thin because they only have time to focus on one thing at a time.

And that is the thing! Many of the skills you need to pass the CELBAN are the same that you need for the IELTS, and the CELPIP, and TOEFL and whatever else.

The most important skill is time management!

The second, in writing, is being able to identify and correct your own mistakes so that you can get a better score!

To do that you need to have both time management AND Grammar Essentials. So theΒ CELBAN or IELTS SeriesΒ Β (which includes CELBANPrep Writing Level One), teaches you those skills. It teaches you the skills that will improve your score on any and all English Proficiency tests you take. Actually, it increases your skills so that your whole life benefits!


For you the advantage is that you have done everything else towards your RPN, so without knowing it, you have been studying! But then, if grammar is your weakness, begin there, because you can improve your score in all four areas, skills, by improving your grammar: reading, writing, listening AND speaking.


What do you think about that? Do you think, ” that it would be of great help”? πŸ™‚

You have a great day and, may God bless you as well!




CELBAN Prep available in 100 Countries

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