KEEPSAKE: I was thinking why not to create a little grammar resource for CELBAN writings?

Dear Kim I was thinking why not create a little grammar resource for CELBAN writings
Dear Kim,                                                                                                  
One thing is bothering me for a long time and I am not sure should I shared it or not as it might hurt you. But if I will not share I will not feel relax by thinking: it could be  a good suggestion. Heartily, its my humble request to you, if you do not like it please disregard it happily.
Well, I was thinking why not to create a little grammar resource for CELBAN writings?
As I am writing for a long time; I have observed that most of candidates do the same mistakes for [CELBANPrep Writing Level One] 1 to 4 assignment. Like spacing, capital I and first letter of every sentence, agreement of tense and verb, punctuation articles and spellings . Especially, the candidates who are new to computer skills.  When I read others’ post, always find you writing the same again again for all of us. Everyday you do so hard efforts. It might take may be a week to you create this small but effective resource but I believe it would reduce your work load and time remarkably. Dear Kim I really, new to use the polite words in English if any one of my words hurts you please forgive me for that.
Thank you for your patience.

Written by an IEN from India taking CELBANPrep when I was teaching as a Writing Coach: 8/8/2012. 

CELBAN or IELTS Blog Series: Part I

This e-mail inspired me to create the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Series.  Sunita was right. Over time, as she reviewed the written assignments of other Internationally Educated Nurses preparing for the CELBAN through CELBANPrep Writing Level One, she observed the very same thing that I did! There was a pattern in the type of grammar and punctuation errors. This pattern was replicated in the results that IENs received after taking the CELBAN.

You see, the difference with the CELBAN, what makes it so wonderful, is that you as an IEN receive feedback about your strengths and weaknesses so that you know where to improve. That is what has driven CELBANPrep: the focus on turning weaknesses into strengths. The bonus is that with  CELBANPrep Writing Level One, the skills you develop are transferable to any exam and every piece of writing you create! That is why it is part of the CELBAN or IELTS series: because you can study for both at the same time!

It took time. Sunita wrote her message in 2012! It is now 2018! It took six years, but the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Series is almost ready! It has been created, designed and formatted. It has been beta tested. And results prove that through the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Series IENs are able to turn their weaknesses into strengths when it comes to:

That is the CELBANPrep Method! Working with individual Internationally Educated Nurses. Determining the weaknesses and creating an individualized study plan to turn those weaknesses to strengths. This is the basis of:

That is what has motivated me to write articles like: If you don’t Speak Up, the voices of those who have slandered CELBANPrep will be heard over YOUR Silence!  and What has Happened to Civility? 

CELBANPrep exists because hundreds of IENs who had trodden this path before you have smoothed out the process: taking out dead logs, removing large rocks, and sweeping the terrain so it is soft and comfortable under your foot. Then there are people like Sunita who set up a place for you to rest -providing food, water and sustenance along the way. Deep gratitude flows from my heart to all My Nurses for creating this path with me!


As I asked in this article, Who else is creating resources for Internationally Educated Nurses that are available on phones, tablets, computers and laptops and other devices? 

The answer to that question is why Prashant wrote, Dear Kim, Please accept my  humble  apologies for my negative comment. I am deeply saddened by mistake having posted a review on Amazon claiming CELBANPrep is a scam.

  • Inspired by Sunita’s message in 2012;
  • Inspired by the pattern she observed that I had witnessed as well;
  • Inspired to make a difference, and make it so IENs could prepare for the CELBAN in less time;
  • Inspired by the IENs who engaged in the beta testing of the CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials Series;

 CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials  is Coming this fall (2018)!

Coming This Fall - 2018- CELBAN or IELTS

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