CELBAN Preparation in Israel and Internationally

CELBAN Preparation in Israel

Hello, Dear Kim! I’ve never met you, but your words touched my heart deeply! I know that the immigration process isn’t easy, I am going to pass it one more time. The first my time was  from Bulgaria to Israel in 1997,we were a young family with two little children, without money,language, suitable professions. Now we are more clever, because of our age and experience, we have good professions, my husband is a pastry chef, both our children grew ,aged 23 and 19 and recently they have helped us to make the decision to immigrate again. Living in Canada is an old our dream, unfortunately it was not possible to realise for several reasons. Now I prepare both language,  English – I passed the IELTS exam with the scores:7, 5.5, 4.5 and 4.5, accordingly in speaking, writing, listening and reading and French, that I’ve learned at the high school and recently with a private teacher. I want to pass the CELBAN exam as soon as possible in order to achieve the required scores to my nursing license. Despite my aged, 47, I am full energy to bring my family to our deemed country, Canada. Tank you for your inspiring in me, I hope we will continue to be in touch. Have a nice day, Kim! Sincerely yours, I

Dear I,

When I was 12 years old I moved from Quebec Canada to  Alberta Canada. Although in the same nation these  two provinces are remarkably different in culture. While I moved with some of my family, my grandmother remained with our extended family in Montreal. It was at that time that I began to write letters to her. Her replies were always filled with appreciation and encouragement. Then I worked hard to bring pictures to her, through my words. With the introduction of the internet, and how it neutralize sentiment and feelings, I have worked hard to learn how to write in a way that connects heart to heart, spirit to spirit. So your comment, about being touched deeply has truly honored me, allowing me to know that I have reached a goal, and honoring my grandmother and her influence in my life. Thank you.

I loved reading your story, and smiled when you spoke of being more clever as a result of age and experience. Perhaps one day I will be able to taste some of your husband’s pastry! (There is a big smile with that comment.) I also smiled at your IELTS scores. If I took a French exam I would get higher scores in speaking than reading and writing too!

Is your English better than your French, or is French better? The reason I ask is that I have a friend who came to Alberta from Europe. She spoke Spanish, French and English. She had a really hard time of settling in Alberta, with a work permit. The family went back home, and they re-applied to Quebec. She took all of her exams in French and is quite happy and successful as a nurse there. If she was here in Alberta, she would probably only be a Graduate Nurse, and not fully licensed. Something to consider if your French is better than your English. Besides, NNAS accepts a French test for those wishing to work in French communities,

Otherwise I recommend you read the articles I have written to other people who have contacted me from various nations. It may be helpful to you: CELBAN Preparation Internationally. You may also want to read CELBAN or IELTS. 

Whatever you do, ensure you avoid falling into the CELBAN Trap!

Seeing your scores, and knowing that the requirements for English are at a university level, I would encourage you to do all that you can to improve your English language scores in all four skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking. While it will take some time to go from a 5 to 8-10, I encourage you to do all you can while you have a good paying position and your family and friends with you. Consider the CELBANPrep Study Guides for reading and listening, to get some ideas of resources you can use to improve your skills in those areas. Check out the IEPC Bookstore on the Cloud to find out what resources available to you through Amazon. Here are some of the other titles:

Note that the CELBAN or IELTS Series has resources that can be accessed from around the world to prepare for either or both of these exams! And that when you purchase a Print Replica for the Reading or Listening Complete Series, you will also be required to get a membership at http://www.CELBANPrep.info to print off the downloadable test and answer booklets: these could not be included in the e-books.

The good news is that though Amazon, CELBANPrep is actually available in 100 countries: including the Israel!

As for being in touch again, I reply to the e-mails I receive so as long as you are writing, I will be writing back! [or commenting on the blog]

I don’t know how I inspired you, but I am glad that that is how you felt when you read what I wrote, even though we have not met as yet.

I wish the very best for you and your family. Please feel free to contact me again!




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