♥ Sometimes, I feel really discouraged…without the support I usually have back home

Sometimes I feel Discouraged without the support I have back home. CELBAN. Dear Kim.Dear Kim,
How are you? I am really happy to read the content of your blog. It inspired me so much to fulfill my goals and dreams here in Canada.
Sometimes, I feel really discouraged. Life here in Canada is very different from the Philippines which I came from.  It is very lonely here, especially now that it’s winter. It’s only my fourth month here, but I still don’t have any friends. My relatives here are not the same as my relatives back home. Preparing for the exam is very challenging for me here without the support I usually have back home.
Thank you so much kim.
Sincerely, V
Dear V,
I am so happy to read your opening comments. I started the blog a year ago, and have 165 posts with 150-250 readers a day! I knew there were lots of people out there looking for answers to questions and for support, but many remain nameless and faceless. I love hearing from people, especially when they have felt encouraged or inspired! Your e-mail tells me I have reached one of my goals! Thank you for letting me know that!Adapting to life in Canada can be extremely difficult for many people, especially those from countries that have been influenced by the Spanish culture. In the Spanish influenced nations the sense of touch and proximity is very important. People are warm, friendly and welcoming with hugs. But here in Canada it is not the same. People are more distant, especially in places that experience the deep cold. It is often lonely for many people, including immigrants. Being without the familiar support of family and friends builds on the grief and pain. Making friends takes time, making good friends takes even longer, being patient when feeling lonely is extremely difficult. But you are not alone. So many people feel as you do. The important thing is to get out and be with other people; go to places and do the things you like to do so you can find other people who like to do the same things. Taking a class is always a great way to meet new people, and there are so many options in adult education. You can take a class in about anything!

The thing is, as an RN you will meet many people who experience loneliness or depression. By learning how to take care of yourself in times like this, you will be an even better nurse with a deep level of understanding and a sense of empathy, which allows healing that medicine can not provide.

Take a moment to read what I wrote about my plan of happiness: https://dear-kim.com/2012/11/15/i-feel-hopeless-to-achieve-my-dreams-and-goals-in-life/. After reading it maybe you can comment on your plan of happiness.

Thanks again, V, for writing. I am glad you have found some support and inspiration through my blog, and I hope that you continue to feel it through this e-mail. Please stay in touch!


4 responses to “♥ Sometimes, I feel really discouraged…without the support I usually have back home

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  3. Dear Kim,

    Thank you so much for your replies. I really feel encouraged with all your advises. Thank you so much for finding time in reading and replying to my messages. I really appreciate your feedback.  You really motivated me to do my best in pursuing my career as a nurse. I’ve been very busy lately because of work and other important matters here at home.  I think I will be taking my exam this coming February.  I will do my best to prepare for that exam. Thank you so much for your help. 

    I also read your blog regarding plan of happiness and I think it will be helpful to me as well. Thank you! 




    • Dear Verlyn,
      I am so grateful that you took the time from your busy schedule to both read and comment!

      Discovering that there are others in a similar situation is often a relief as we do not feel so alone. Finding sources of support and inspiration help us to stay afloat when we can not do it by ourselves. I am glad you have rededicated yourself to your dreams, and hope that you are able to create a secure foundation of support for yourself, not only for this exam but others to come thereafter!

      As for the plan of happiness, as an update I went to my dance group last night. It was -15C and I had every reason not to go. But I pushed myself to go. At the end of the day I was so happy I did. I went to sleep with a smile in my heart. Creating your own plan of happiness, doing the things that bring a smile to your heart, will help you to deal with the stress of your other responsibilities so that you can do them with a genuine smile.

      Be Well, Verlyn!

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