♪♪ Strained Achiever: due to the limitation of safe practice period i had to take this decision [to take my CELBAN in one month]

hii kim,
 i buked my celban fr 22nd april, my previous celban score is W7 S7 R9 L8, n my recent ilets score is L8.5 R8 S 6.5 n W6. i need some tips for preparation and your guidance….i understand your concern [about taking my exam for the second time in one month] but due to the limitation of safe practice period i had to take this decision. i know its short time but for the time i will be 24/7 available for study. definately i will be investing in my studies i just need your guidance.

Stra1ned DimondDear S,

I thank you for reading my message, taking it into consideration, and replying. Your situation is so common I call people caught in that aspect of the CELBAN Trap the Strained Achievers. Strained Achievers experience a heightened amount of stress because of the added pressure of competing deadlines. The Strained Achiever takes the exam too early, and without adequate preparation, because they are limited in time.They often take a gamble. Some may pass, depending on what they have been doing to improve their skills and competencies, but others face dire consequences.

  • They discount the significance of the emotional taxation of “failing” another exam, and the difficulties of becoming a Disillusioned Dreamer.
  • They discount the amount of pressure they will feel in their third and final attempt.
  • They neglect to understand that if they fail the third time, they have to wait a full two years to be able to access the CELBAN again!
Disillusioned dr3amer DimondWhile failing to meet the requirements of safe practice means having to do more schooling, spend more money, and take more time,
dreams are still intact, self-concepts are still intact and life remains manageable.
Failing the CELBAN a second time, or even third time, can be insurmountable to those who are already emotionally taxed
and drained by the process and the strains of adapting to life in a new country without the emotional support experienced back home.Procrastination is working against you. Had you joined us for the Speaking Conference Call Trial in February [when you first contacted me] and enrolled shortly after that, you would be in a completely different situation.
But, you are right. It is your decision, and it is made.
I am simply warning you of the consequences so that you are prepared, and use your time most efficiently.
In one month I can provide supports and resources to increase your score in speaking one benchmark.
It will take time and dedication on your part.
It is not the ideal, but it is the best that I can do under the circumstances.
Here is the information on CELBANPrep Speaking, the CELBANPrep Speaking Bundle, and the Sales and Coupons.
I can not do the same for listening, which is your personal Limiting Factor when it comes to the CELBAN Trap. Time is required to improve skills and competencies in this area. With that said, there is also CELBANPrep Listening, and the Listening Complete.
You can access both CELBANPrep Speaking Bundle and the CELBANPrep Listening Complete in the CELBANPrep Platinum Bundle.
I know this message has not been one of encouragement but of warning.  But, the reason for that is that I have seen too many suffer the consequences of having their dreams smashed against the rocks.
It is heart breaking for both the IEN and myself.
Impending Danger
Lighthouses are places in rocky shoals to warn mariners of impending danger.
This messages is from a lighthouse keeper.
If you proceed, take every caution you can to ensure a safe passage.

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