♪♪ Strained Achiever: i will give the celban exam in 3months; my safe practice will expire in a month

Hi, am currently going through RPN registration process through CNO. Everything is done, the only language proficiency requirement is left. And i will give the celban exam in 3months. I also passed the my RPN registration exam here. And according to cno, my safe practice will expire in a month(after three years). Me and my family planning to move to BC. I know if i am applying for LPN registration in bc then i have to go through all the process from starting. But I am confused about registration exam. Do i need to give the registration exam again in BC? P

Stra1ned DimondDear P,

One of the most important things for Internationally Educated Nurses to learn, in Canada, as you may well know, is autonomy combined with accountability. One of the facets of accountability is knowing when the medical advice you give is within your scope of practice, and when it is outside your area of expertise. For legal reasons, as a nurse, one must ensure to stay within one’s scope of practice.

I will demonstrate this to you in my answer.

While I have comprehensive knowledge about the CELBAN, I have limited knowledge about the process of becoming a nurse, when it comes to the licensure bodies. From the nurses I have met in the past, I have learned that it is best to complete one’s registration process in the one province, before relocating to another (or continuing with that process after relocating.)

The reason for this, in the past, was that the processes were different in each province. And it is definitely so for CNO, which includes the jurisprudence and had the English Proficiency at the end of the process whereas other provinces have it at the beginning.

But now we have another element of the National Nursing Assessment Services. Should you be registering, in BC, you would be beginning your process with them. Ideally you would be able to have your documentation transferred from the CNO to NNAS with ease. But then you would be required to pass the CELBAN before they complete your report and send it to the college of your choice. Then it would be up to CLPNBC (to be an LPN) CRNBC (to be an RN)  to decide what to do for your process.  I know nothing about how they would evaluate your situation with the advances you have made in your career and how they would acknowledge them, or whether you would be required to complete other requirements.

If, on the other hand, you complete your registration in BC, then it is much easier for you. There is an inter-provincial agreement with the licensure bodies. You would simply be required to pay the fees, and you would be registered.

I understand, from what you have shared, that there is a concern for timing:

  • your Safe Practice expires in one month,
  • your CELBAN exam is in three months.

First, have you notified CNO of your predicament? I assume they are aware about the limitations and delays of accessibility of the exam for various reasons. They may take that into consideration, thus decreasing the amount of stress you are under and guiding you in your decision making.

I do know from a recent incident concerning one of my nurses that I have been working with for some time, I have seen compassion from CNO towards this particular IEN. So, I am thinking that they may very well be lenient: on the condition you pass the CELBAN. But if you don’t, then you would be required to do what people are required to do when their safe practice expires.

But please know, it is not the end of your path, if your Safe Practice expires!

CT4WaysMany people act like that. And I know, it means more work, more time, more energy, more money. It means not attaining that dream, quite yet. But consider the difference for IENs that have failed to acquire the required score for the CELBAN , and are taking it for the third time. Having fallen into the CELBAN Trap, as a The Strained Achiever, the career of these nurses are in the balance. If they fail, on their final attempt, they will not be permitted to take the exam for another two whole years!

In this situation is it more important to focus on the CELBAN than it is to stress out about the Safe Practice expiring.

So, do what you can to become more informed, to avoid becoming a Strained Achiever. Then, find comfort in the following:

  • you have completed your process in Ontario,
  • you have completed all the requirements of the CNO, and
  • the English requirement is your final requirement.

There are 5 Predictive Factors of whether or not an IEN will fall into the  CELBAN Trap, or if individual IENs can take the exam with very little preparation. When it comes to the CELBAN Trap Quiz, certain elements determine how much preparation an individual IEN needs for the CELBAN:

  • What is your overall score on the Academic IELTS?
  • How much of your education has been in English?
  • How long have you lived in Canada?
  • How often do you speak English at Home/Work/School?
  • What stage of the process are you in, when it comes to being licensed as a nurse in Canada?

For you, the good news is that because you have been in Canada for several years, or long enough to complete the requirements you have, and because you are at the end of your process, having taken several classes in nursing in a Canadian setting, you are on good footing. You probably need very little instruction to pass the exam, but would benefit from becoming familiar with the format of the exam and developing some test taking strategies.

The IENs that have come to CELBANPrep in the very same situation usually complete our preparation courses within two months, depending on their self management factor: time.

So, P, at the end of the day I would say you are in very good standing. And I thank you for allowing me to demonstrate autonomy and accountability when it comes to scope of practice.

I look forward to your reply, and finding out how this story unfolds!



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