Busy Mom and Dad: The schedules [for CELBANPrep courses] will be based on the students availability is that right?

Dear Kim,
[O]n taking the courses youve mentioned that the schedules will be based on the students availability is that right? so like what if i will take the writing course and it will be for 3months as youve said, what if my available time is only during weekends? and i missed 2 weekends. is my 3months will still ends the same? does it mean the 2weekends i missed will be considered forfeited? Thank you Kim, i will be waiting for your respond.. Thanks and more power!

Dear R,
5 ringGMAll of CELBANPrep and IEPC’s resources have been created by taking into consideration the diversity in life situations of Internationally Educated Professionals in Canada (IEPs), in particular Internationally Educated Health Professionals (IEHPs). I have learned that no two IEHPs have the same schedule and life situation, although many share elements that are common and familiar to others. Whether you are limited to practicing your English in the evenings, the weekends, or odd hours of the day; whether you have one schedule one week and a very different schedule the next week: CELBANPrep and Writing4IEHPs is adaptable to all situations. So yes, the schedule is based on the availability of the IEN/IEHP/IEP. That flexibility is built into the design of the courses: CELBANPrep Speaking Course Bundle, CELBANPrep Writing Course Bundle, Writing4IEHPs tutoring. There are only four lessons delivered over four weeks for each of the individual courses. But you are able to work with your Writing Coach, Speaking Coach and Speaking Mentors.Β 

  • You may be able to post assignments weekly and attendΒ  the speaking events,
  • You may only be able to post assignments once every two weeks, and attend events sporadically, or
  • You may be able to be actively involved for two weeks, then less active for a week, on rotation.
C0UP0NSmWhatever your situation, you have ongoing support with the CELBANPrep courses and Writing4IEHP tutoring.Β 

This student centered learning allows individualized study plan, based on individual life circumstances. It is intrinsic to the process of becoming a nurse in Canada and a process of understanding patient centered care. The more you understand how CELBANPrep and Writing4IEHPs adapts to your individual needs, as well as the individual needs of other IENs, the more you will come to understand the essence of patient centered care, which is a cornerstone of nursing in Canada. What that means is although you may not understand it now, is that CELBANPrep is about so much more than the CELBAN!

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