♥ What’s the use…because people didn’t get their CELBAN dates from 5-6 months

Dear Kim

What’s the use of these all sales because people didn’t get their celban dates from 5-6 months so much waiting to get the exam date then no use of this celban . It’s not good in my view , i m so much upset about the system of this celban exam dates till August it’s full I want to give exam now but how? M

half empty or fullDear M,

Good Morning! 
I have just settled in to reply to emails, and yours was the first of the day. As I read it I felt so grateful to read you express this frustration and sentiment, that I know others are thinking and feeling too but have not articulated. 
What is the use? What is the use of the CELBANPrep Sales? What is the use of preparing for the CELBAN? What is the use of dreaming of being a nurse in Canada? What is the use when the process is so difficult and time consuming? What is the use when there are so many barriers and so few resources? What is the use? 
Well, M, I will tell you what the use is. 
There is a philosophical question: is the glass half empty or half full? 
I have always wondered about this question. As an ecologist/environmentalist/scientist (which is my first degree) I know that while others perceive the space in which we live as being empty, it is actually quite full of gas molecules and minute particles. So to me when people ask this question my answer has always been neither. The cup is neither half empty or half full. It is full. It is half full of water and half full or air. 
So it is with the preparations for the CELBAN. 
It is true, there is a long wait for a seat for the exam. And your exam will expire in two years, so you will have to go through all that again in two years. It is true that it takes 6 months to a year to get all your documents gathered, and more time to take competency exams and upgrading courses. It is all true. The process is not easy. It does take time. And it is frustrating. However, it is a character building process screening out those who lack determination, courage, tenacity and positive coping mechanisms. Those IENs who have the internal character traits that motivate them to go forward in pursuit of their dreams make it. Those who do not, give up their dreams and live below their potential. 
So which will it be for you? Are you going to let this get you down, or are you going to strive to do your best and to accomplish your dreams? 
From my perspective the licensure process, beginning with the process of taking the CELBAN, is a gift of time. 
How is it a gift of time? 
  1. You are only permitted to take the CELBAN three times.
  2. Your exam will expire in two years.
  3. You will need one of the three attempts available to you in two years.
  4. You must pass the CELBAN within the first two attempts.
  5. Most people, who have not prepared, fail the exam. 
  6. People who have an overall score of 5-6, on the IELTS, need between 4-6 months to improve their English language skills to be able to get the required scores. (Less with the release of Writing4IEHPs.)
  7. People who have an overall score of 7, on the IELTS, need between 2-6 months to prepare for the exam. 
Knowing this I have integrated several features into CELBANPrep:
  1. Individualized Learning Plans through Student Centered Learning ~ When you subscribe to CELBANPrep Writing, whether individually or in a bundle, the lessons are divided into two levels. People who have a 5 or 6 on IELTS need between 4-6 months to work on Level One. People who have a 7 on IELTS only need 2 months to work on Level One. Thus, the CELBANPrep Writing Course is adaptable to various situations and circumstances. People who have lots of time to study can progress more quickly than those who have other responsibilities to balance and have less time as a result. This process allows for individual learning plans. See Tier 4 ~ Monthly Subscriptions.
  2. Ongoing Support ~ There are many features integrated into CELBANPrep that allow on-going support even after your subscription expires. 5 ringGM
It is these two features (Individual Learning Plans through Student Centered Learning and Ongoing Support) that allow you as an IEN to use the gift of time you are being granted to prepare for the CELBAN exam. It is these features that provide you support throughout the waiting period, until you do get a seat. It is these features that allow people to progress at their own learning rate, on their own individual schedules, with ongoing support and mentoring. It is these features that have allowed people to take time to identify their individual weaknesses and turn them into strengths. It is the wise use of time that allows people to enter the exam with confidence, knowing that they have used their time effectively, that they have prepared well, and they will do the best that they can on the exam. It is these features that have allowed people success in achieving acceptable scores and going on in their process to become nurses in Canada. Reading their emails will tell you all you need to know: Thank you.
By now you should see, M, that when you subscribe to what has become known as the CELBANPrep Family, you are no longer alone. Immediately you become connected with others who are preparing for the CELBAN on the CELBANPrep Writing Assignment Forum. Immediately you are given supports with a writing coach, speaking mentors and a speaking coach. Immediately you are invited to attend 7 Things You MUST Know to Pass the CELBANa live interactive webinar, as part of your Bundle (retail price is $99.95). CELBANPrep Event Calendar It is this support that enables IENs, such as yourself, to build on internal resources required to complete the licensure process in Canada. It is in knowing you are not alone, and having somewhere to turn when you are in need, that makes all the difference. 
So, what is the use? 
C0UP0NSmThe use is that you are being given the gift of time to master the English language and the Canadian culture so that you can enter the exam with confidence, knowing that you will obtain the required score within your first two attempts. 
What a wonderful gift! 

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  1. HI Kim,i am IEN from india ,currently residing in surrey have two questions firstly,can I aaply to nnas without celban my exam is in august,what is the right time because process time is 12 months and they want fresh results not older than 6 months.secondly,i have not started preparing yet I need your support please guide from the initial step. you know I am heartbroken with my ielts results three time after coming to Canada.I know with your guidance and encouragement I will able to study hard.waiting eagerly for your response.