♥ Ms Kim…. you are an angel to an IEN like me

Hello Ms. Kim
Thank you for all the support you are giving me. Next week will be the end of my part time job. Finally, i had the courage to tender my resignation letter. I was working 12 hour shift approx 4-5 nights a week and then during the daytime i work as a [position] for my part time. It is a part time but i have to go 4 times … which consume the entire day. Recently, I been suffering from migraine every Wednesday and sometimes even Thursday because of lack of sleep and the extreme weather condition. That finally made me realized that my hands are full and decided to submit my resignation letter 2 weeks ago. S

CB016222Dearest S,

It it interesting to me that you would write this as a comment on a thread where you were writing about coping with stress and taking care of yourself.

Self care is VITAL in the health care field, and in motherhood too! When you first told me how much you were working, I was concerned for you. And now to know that the stress became a physical symptom, that is not good. I am glad you saw what was happening, why it was happening, and how to make positive and healthy changes. I caution you about finding something else and doing it all over again.

YOU are important. Your family needs you, and continuing with your self care plan that you described previously is exactly the way to be there for them for a long time!

I am glad you have taken the time to work on assignments and to forward your English skills. You have blessed my life as a result!


Hello Ms Kim…. you are an angel to an IEN like me, thank you for taking time too listen to us and to reach out to all of us. You help make our settlement life as well as our professional upgrade less complicated. thank you! 😉


Dear S,

It is my pleasure!
But you know, it is you S, that is making the choices and changes. Remember that e-mail where I told you I was here for you and asked if you were here for yourself? I saw it the other day, on Dear Kim, and was simply amazed at how far you have come. It is hard to believe you are the same person that wrote that email to me only a few months ago!
Celebrate in yourself, for you are the one making the changes!

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