1G* How can I practice CELBAN speaking with [CELBANPrep]?

Dear KIM
I donโ€™t know how to leave the comment ,, so I choose to leave here ;) sorry;
I am an one of the desperate international nurses who need celban score.
I tried IELTS couple of times, but my writing was never getting better.. and I am a terrible writer in my first language as well.
I was almost frustrated,,but I found hope in the CELBAN..
And I was one comment about a nurse who took ielts 7times(?) and success CELBAN..
I am living in Toronto where has no celban prep school.
so I was about to apply in Vancouver,, but I have to spend too much extra money for accommodationโ€ฆetc..However I thought that plan because of speakingโ€ฆ
To practice speaking , I thought I have meet people..
but I guess this site has only online class, donโ€™t you?
How can I practice speaking with this ? I am an Asian,, I am very weak at speaking and writing. I couldnโ€™t find any solution yet..
If you can help and I donโ€™t have to go to Vancouver, I would be very happy TT
I am planning to take test either Oct or Nov..
I prefer Oct than Nov though..
If I study with you, what month is appropriate ?
Please reply me. I am willing to do everything I can do to get a score.
Thank you, Jane

Welcome Jane!

Thank you for your comment, you had so many wonderful questions I decided to create a new post, so I could answer you more fully and other people could learn from my answers, if they have similar concerns.

Identify and Know Your Weakness

It is a good thing that you have identified your weakness, in writing, and have the willingness to improve in this area.

I must warn you, however, if this is your weakness you will be required to work hard, meaning working on assignments daily and doing additional work focusing on your weaknesses.

CELBANPrep is a CELBAN exam preparation course, so depending on the level of your weakness (you did not tell me a score from the IELTS) you may need additional English classes.

  • The people who do best with CELBANPrep come with a strength of  7 on the IELTS; often these people finish the 8 CELBANPrep Writing Lessons in 8-12 weeks.  
  • People with a 5 or 6 need to work harder, and take longer to complete CELBANPrep Writing.

So, before you continue you need to decide how dedicated you are to this goal of passing the CELBAN: are you ready and willing to work.

Because if you are, we will help you to achieve your goal, in partnership. But if you have a 5 in writing, I would recommend you focus on the Grammar Essentials Series before you attempt the CELBANPrep Suite. This will help you increase your skills and proficiencies in reading, writing, and speaking. 

I am pleased that you have found hope in the CELBAN! It is a wonderful alternative. And yes, I recently met with the IEN who took the IELTS 7 times and passed on the CELBAN on her first attempt, after taking CELBANPrep.  She had given up. It was her husband who encouraged her to enroll in CELBANPrep and for the first time, because of the CELBANPrep Method, she finally understood what she was doing wrong when she was writing! It was a delight to work with her, because she worked so very hard. And her effort paid off.

Yes, resources are limited, and yes there is a CELBAN preparation course in Vancouver, which I understand is shorter than CELBANPrep and is more expensive. Accommodations would add to the cost.

The reason why CELBANPrep is less expensive for you: you can do your courses from the comfort of your home, or at the public library. You also do not have to pay for the bus, parking or find childcare. As for CELBANPrep Speaking you can practice at work, on the bus, or while talking with family back home! The assignments are created so that you practice during the day, as a part of your life. 


Available Where You Are. Available When You Are.

So, Jane, if I may ~ you have found the solution.

As for the timing of the dates of taking your CELBAN exam, there may a waitlist. So the date you want may not be available.

Furthermore, depending on how weak you really are with writing, allowing more time to identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths is essential. It is vitally important to identify what is slowing you down, standing in your way, or stopping you from obtaining your goals, your dreams, and the life you want to obtain.

It is hard for me to tell, without knowing your score, but allow for at least three or maybe even four months to work on your writing. (Some people need even longer.) When would I recommend you start? TODAY!

CELBANPrep had online courses that fit your schedule.

Jane, if you really are willing to work, then we are ready to make it happen!



Save both time and money! Explore CELBANPrep University. 

3 responses to “1G* How can I practice CELBAN speaking with [CELBANPrep]?

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  2. Thank you for your heartfelt advice. I really do.
    I took general ielts about one year ago. And my score was overall 6.5 (listening 7.0 Reading n Speaking 6.5 Writing 5.5..) very shameful score . Can I enroll your class? Or Should I take ESL class first?
    Thank you for your attention again:) I really need your big help.

    • Dear Jane,

      You are very welcome! I am glad that you could feel the care and concern for your future!

      Yes, your scores are high enough for CELBANPrep. So, no, your scores are not shameful! Your English skills are high enough for you to get along in life quite well, which is more advanced than many people I know! But, with a 5.5 in writing, you will be required to work and so some research/extra work once your weaknesses have been identified. This is how you will be able to turn them into strengths.

      You can take both the Grammar Series (www.grammar.celbanprep.info) and the CELBANPrep Suite (www.celbanprep.info), if you have the time and money to do so.

      If you can only do one at a time, start with the grammar series. First.

      Again, you are very welcome!

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