I am very hard working but an average student

Thanks Ms KimΒ  for prompt response and enthusiasm. God bless you.
My response to your query about me:

basically I am from Pakistan and currently living in Tanzania since last three and half yearΒ  and having rich experience in my Nursing field as my canada immigration process is about to completeΒ  and soon I will be landedΒ  in canada as an immigran my registration with ontario (CNO) IS completed and wishing to appear for upcoming exam mean while I also want to prepare my self for english exam , throgh intranet , I came to know you being very help full in this regards
in past I have gone through IELTS EXAMΒ  and got overall band 6.0 , now I want to prepare my self for CELBAN , in order to success I will need your help and supportΒ  Β  right now I am very much anxious hearing about the changes and english requirement but I have prepared my self that there is no reason , one can not do as I am very hard working but an average student
looking forward for your support towards this challenge and mission

Regards and well wishes


Dear N,

I appreciate your comments, and your blessings. I have been richly rewarded for the work I am doing working with Internationally Educated Nurses become nurses in Canada. It is so fulfilling to see people progress and celebrate each stage with each person. As you know the CRNE is one step, and the English is another. For most people still living overseas I usually recommend the Academic IELTS as is it more accessible: both courses and exams. The CELBAN is conducted only in Canada. But if a 7.5 eludes you the CELBAN in Canada is a good option as ALL of the questions are about nursing! When are you landing?

It will be very important for you to focus on your reading and your listening from Tanzania. You can do this by focusing on advanced grammar. Have you used any advance grammar books? This can improve your score in reading, speaking and writing, when it comes to the CELBAN. I recommend you check out:

There is information here about how to prepare for the exam. I highly recommend the Study Guides. They are only $4.99. Working on your listening and reading is imperative if you want to pass the CELBAN. This will take time and personal study.

It will also be important for you to practice your typing and improve your computer skills. Please read what I wrote about this on Dear Kim.

I can help you with writing and speaking, beginning about 6 months before you come to Canada.

I too am certain that you will pass, N, with time, effort and preparation. You have a gift of time, waiting for the rest of the immigration process. Use this wisely and you will save time, money and heartache. You will be in a better situation than many people who migrate to Canada.

Whatever you choose, N, I hope that you stay in touch and keep me updated as to your process and how things are going for you!



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