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♦ My major problem is to work on computer… to study on-line [with CELBANPrep]

Dear Kim, My major problem is to work on computer.I am not too good to operate it. Moreover i am not much comfortable to study on-line.That is why i am not buying even the cheap materialΒ provided by you.Is there any … Continue reading

🌷* Every correction makes me better with my computer skills: CELBAN writing sample

Update 2021 Dear Friend, I often get requests from people for two things: a sample of CELBAN Writing Task 2 and sample questions for CELBAN Writing. One of the things that I do is I teach my nurses how to … Continue reading

i had my computer hacked

Dear Kim, how do i pay for it online , i will do it only through pay pal as i had my computer hacked already two times. R

πŸ“±#14 NEWS!! IEN Supervised Practice Experience Partnership

Hope is finally on the horizon for Internationally Educated Nurses, living in Canada, seeking gainful employment in Canada. While many of us are negatively impacted by COVID there have been many positive changes for Internationally Educated Nurses living across Canada … Continue reading

πŸ€” How much does CELBANPrep cost?

Written 2021 Dear Friends, COVID has changed our lives substantially. But some of the changes are good. After 10+ years of the CELBAN being delivered face to face and only in Canada with the announcement of the Computer Based Test, … Continue reading

CT4 – BUSY MOM & DAD: ⏱️ Do you have an ideas of how a busy mom with a toddler can study?

How do you prepare for the CELBAN when you are a busy mom? Learn some secrets to balancing life while obtaining your dreams! >> Continue reading

πŸ“±#17 CT4 UNSUSPECTING NEWCOMER – ♦ WARNING: Overconfidence can have detrimental effects.

What happens when you take the CELBAN without preparation? How can overconfidence hurt you, when it comes to the Canadian English Benchmark Assessment for Nurses? Learn more >> Continue reading

🌷 Is it possible to take CELBAN test … prior to NNAS application

Updated 2023 Hi Kim,   Thanks for the welcome message. I’d like to ask if its possible to take celban test and pass first prior to NNAS application. I’m not pretty confident to pass the english test and registering for NNAS … Continue reading

CoI Im just a bit confused which test am i going to take … celban or ielts.

Dear kim, Greetings! Thank you for sending those emails each day. I really appreciate it. Im just a bit confused which test am i going to take, or ,which one is much easier for me,whether celban or ielts. English proficiency … Continue reading

KEEPSAKE: I was thinking why not to create a little grammar resource for CELBAN writings?

Dear Kim,                                                                              … Continue reading