Are the CELBANPrep courses and resources interactive or on static websites?

Hi there,

I have a quick question regarding your courses. So are the courses all online or through the internet?

I know some classes are online but I am not sure. Because I am located in Surrey, BC and would like to know if you have any locations for classes here.

Thank you for your time.

Cheers, S

Dear ,

At first when I read your question, “So are the courses all online or through the internet?” I thought these two things were the same: CELBANPrep resources are available online, through the internet. But then I realized that maybe you were asking, “Are the courses and resources interactive or on static websites?”

The answer to the second question is both:

  • Writing4IEHPs is all available online through videos and downloads of handbooks.
  • CELBANPrep has components that are available online. These resources include the CELBANPrep Reading and Listening Study Guides and Sample Tests. The 8 lessons for CELBANPrep Writing (4 for each level) and the 4 lessons for CELBANPrep Speaking are also online.
  • CELBANPrep also has interactive components. These resources include the Writing4IEHPs and CELBANPrep Writing Tutoring, the CELBANPrep Speaking Conference Calls, CELBANPrep Mentoring Sessions and One-on-One consultations.  All are delivered through webinar technology, GotoMeeting, which is similar to Skype.
  • You communicate with writing coaches to improve your writing during the writing tutoring, and meet with other IENs on online platforms for the webinars, conference calls and mentoring sessions. One-on-one consultations are conducted over the phone and/or G2M.

C0UP0NSmSo CELBANPrep is a sophisticated mix of resources for you to work at your own pace, when you are available, wherever you are in the world. While resources are provided for you interactive elements allow you to both practice and improve your skills, learn from others, and find support and encouragement.

I hope this answers your question,


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