Waiting for my Visa to Immigrate to Canada

Guest Author: J

Coming to Canada is both an exciting and tiresome experience.  When I was preparing to come to Canada, I was very excited to be at a different place where I believe my dreams will come true.  However, it also took me months to get everything ready.  The longest part of the process was completing and arranging immigration papers.  All documents needed to be authenticated, recent, and properly stamped and signed by authorities.  Requesting for a document was easy, but it was waiting for the release of these documents that ate up most of my time. Hence, there was no room for errors.  I had to make sure that I  filled up the papers correctly and submitted it to the right department.

It is true that all long waits will come to and end.  My long wait ended 14 months after I initially submitted my documents.  My hard work and patience paid off when I received my Visa.  One thing that I learned throughout the whole process is that nothing is easy and every hard work will be rewarded in the end.
NOTE: J submitted this as an assignment for a writing lesson with CELBANPrep Writing.
Welcome J!This is wonderful! It is also excellent! I am so pleased with the topic. I am wondering, can I post it on Dear Kim? I can do it with or without your name as author. The reason why is because I have someone who is in this position right now, having to go through all of the paperwork. It might be inspiring to him, giving him some peace that if you made it he can make it too.What do you think?

Hello Kim,

I don’t have any reason why I shouldn’t allow you to post my composition.  I am glad that it could help somebody.  I know how it feels when you are on the waiting part of a very long and complicated process.  But like I said, patience is essential in most processes.
Thank you also.

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