I already took the test yesterday. The [CELBAN Speaking] role playing was the same …

Updated 2021

Hi Kim,
I already took the test yesterday. The role playing was the same as the one you taught us. However, the discharge instruction portion is very much simplified … So, if all those who will take the test tried practicing [your] instructions – they would probably just do fine. There’s no time limit at all. After the role playing, they asked me to compare … I thought that’s the end of the task. However, there were some follow up questions. I am just hoping for the best. Thanks Kim. =) J.

I appreciate your comments.
I am glad that when you took the CELBAN and did the speaking tasks that it was an easier format for you.
Like with writing I like to cover all the basis, to make sure that people are really prepared and confident.
  • If I prepared them for an easier discharge instruction, and then they got a harder one they would say I did not prepare them.
  • If I challenge people with more difficult assignments, then they find the exam super easy!

Thank you for the details about your experience. The exam is an organic thing. The questions change over time. But, what does not change is the skills that are required to pass the exam. 

  • The skills I teach are transferable: to any and all questions you might be asked.
  • The skills I teach are transferable: to any and all aspects of your life (both personal and professional).

So, it makes me smile to know you found the CELBAN speaking task so easy. It says we both did a good job: me teaching and you learning!

I am glad the weather has been nice for you. I hope your trip back home goes smoothly. Please let me know how you do, and please stay in touch!


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