I am interesting in 12-week intensive Gold CELBANPrep subscription

Now available within the CELBANPrep Platinum Bundle:

Twice the Support. Half the Time.

Dear Kim,

I am interesting in 12-week intensive Gold CELBANPrep subscription. I understand that it is very good and  valuable resource for the  test preparation, but my budget  is not  the best right now. Therefore,  I would like to know if  it is possible to get some Thanksgiving discount particularly for the GOLD Band.  Thanks for you time. I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards, E
Dear E,
Thank you for your e-mail. I understand completely. For this reason, I have sales twice a month.

In July, when CELBANPrep 4.0 was launched, CELBANPrep Gold was replaced with the CELBANPrep Bundle. Both are 12 weeks long, including Writing and Speaking courses. CELBANPrep Gold also included reading and listening. With CELBANPrep 4.0 reading and listening were no longer available as classes. Instead they were made into Study Guides and Practice Exams.

Recently I discovered that the titles of the Practice Exams were being used to steal people’s identity on sites that said they had free copies. Instead they have free viruses that allow them to steal people’s identity. As a result the Practice Exams are no longer available. Instead Sample Tests will be available on Monday.

As reading and listening are no longer courses, they can not be bundled with the writing and speaking courses.

Does this help, E?


One response to “I am interesting in 12-week intensive Gold CELBANPrep subscription

  1. UPDATE:

    CELBANPrep Gold is now available, and it is only 8 weeks long! http://celbanprep.ca/amember/signup.php

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