CELBANPrep Practice Exams no longer available!

News Release


The Intellectual Property division of Internationally Educated Professionals of Canada has recently received reports that the titles ofΒ  CELBANPrep Practice Exams sold through Amazon.com have been used for illegal activity. These titles have been added to a website that looks like they are free, in various formats; instead of downloading a free copy people have been downloading viruses which have been causing damaging effects. Two known results are:

  • computers crashing and freezing: making laptops, desktops and other hand held devices inoperable.
  • phishing scams that infect computers with malware, designed to steal personal and financial information from computers for financial gain and other criminal purposes.

As a result CELBANPrep Practice Exams are no longer available including:

  • CELBANPrep Listening Practice Exams I
  • CELBANPrep Listening Practice Exams I
  • CELBANPrep Reading Practice Exams
  • CELBANPrep Reading More Practice Exams
  • CELBANPrep Reading Even More Practice Exams

The launch of CELBANPrep Sample Tests has been postponed to October 10, 2011.

IEPC assures IENs that all legal copies obtained from Amazon.com or CELBANPrep are safe.

Minimize your risks, avoid downloading illegally obtained versions of CELBANPrep.

More information on Identity Theft:

3 responses to “CELBANPrep Practice Exams no longer available!

  1. Now that I bought all the books from Amazon.com, how do I make it work without the CELBAN website not working?


    • Dear Aslee,

      Thank you for your e-mail!
      One of the things about having resources on Amazon is not having a way to contact people who have made purchases in the past. I am so glad that you found a way to contact me/us!

      Can you please send me the titles and your proof of purchase? I would need to have your receipt number from Amazon. Once you do this I will ask you to create an account on CELBANPrep. Simply enter your information (choose a password) and one of the titles. Click on Continue at the end of the page. You will be taken to a pay pal page. Do not worry. Do not enter your information.

      Having created an account, I will go into the system and manually add the titles. When you signin at http://www.celbanprep.ca the titles will appear.

      I am sorry for the problems, and am so grateful for your e-mail!


  2. CELBANPrep and IEPC have released 4 new resources:

    * CELBANPrep Listening Sample Tests Book One
    * CELBANPrep Listening Sample Tests Book Two
    * CELBANPrep Reading Sample Tests Book One
    * CELBANPrep Reading Sample Tests Book Two

    For more information please go to http://celbanprep.blogspot.com.

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