What is the difference between being an LPN and an RN?

Hello dear,
If I want to be licensed nurse,what is the steps? [What is the difference between being an LPN and an RN?]
Thanks. M.

Dear M,

The process to become an LPN is different from becoming an RN. To see what I have written to others about this subject please go to Dear Kim, the link is below, and click on LPN under topics. You will get all of the posts I have written about being a Licensed Practical Nurse (There may be another name in other provinces.)

Here is more information. Hope it helps!


have some additional information

Nursing Aid Nursing Assistant  Personal Care Aid



Job Description

Health Care Aide Licensed Practical Nurse Registered Nurse

License Required

No Yes Yes

Registration Body

College of Licensed Practical Nurses (one for each province) College of Registered Nurses (one for each province)

English Requirement

limited Official exam score (CELBAN)Lower than for an RN Official exam score (CELBAN or Academic IELTS)Higher than for an LPN


May require certification for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) IENs must have education and registration outside of Canada.IENs may:

  1. Challenge the exam
  2. Take a refresher course
IENs must have education and registration outside of Canada.IENs may be required to:

  1. take the SEC and upgrading/refresher courses (in some provinces but not all.
  2. Complete more than 200 hours in a Canadian hospital as a graduate nurse

All IENs would be required to pass the CRNE national exam to become registered


Additional Requirements

  • SFA/CPR-Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers (C) certification,
  • up-to-date immunizations
  • SFA/CPR-Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers (C) certification
  • up-to-date immunizations

Length of Time

Brief period of time between application, certification and employment Swift process, a few months depending on when you apply.Refresher course can be up to 16 months. Lengthy process

  • Depending on the person it can take up to 2 years to have an acceptable score on an English Exam
  • Documentation stage can take 6 months to a year
  • There may be a waiting period before taking the SEC
  • Courses are based on the academic calendar year, beginning in September and January.
  • You may be required to take from 2 to 8 courses
  • Around 70% of IENs pass the CRNE the first time they take the exam. (Stats vary by country of origin.)

How long does it take?

Within a few months Within two years From 2-5 years

How much does it cost?

Minimal cost

First Aid class (~$200)

First Aid Class (~$200)Most people have a high enough score when they immigrate (~$400 each).Depends on if you challenge the exam or take courses (~$2000 each).Provincial registration fees apply (~$200). First Aid Class (~$200)Depends on how many times you have to take the English exam (~$250-$400 each).Depends on how many courses you have (~$800 each).Provincial registration fees apply (~$500).
  $3000 $ 5000


  Grants and student loans may be available (grants are not paid back, but loans require a repayment.) Student loans may be available.Bank Loans or AIF loans may be available.


$14 – $18/hourAverage: $16.92 $22.70 – $29.72/ hourAverage: $24.25 Graduate Nurse$25\hrRegistered Nurse$30.80 –  $40.43/hr

Average: $36.55/hr

Job Satisfaction

restricted Limited for skilled and experienced IENs highest

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