NEWS!! IEN Supervised Practice Experience Partnership

Hope is finally on the horizon for Internationally Educated Nurses, living in Canada, seeking gainful employment in Canada.

While many of us are negatively impacted by COVID there have been many positive changes for Internationally Educated Nurses living across Canada seeking licensure to practice as Practical and Registered Nurses.

Back in January 2021 major changes happened with the delivery of the CELBAN, the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses. (This is one of two English Exams required of IENs before they can become licensed health professionals in Canada.)

  1. COVID initiated the quickening of the process for CCLB to create a computer-based test. The CELBAN-CBT was announced in January 2021. Prior to that time the exam was only offered face to face, in Canada, in limited locations and dates.
  2. As a result of the CELBAN-CBT proctoring process, the exam was now available internationally.
  3. And, the 3 attempt limit was removed. That is right. IENs could only take the CELBAN 3 times, which expanded exam anxiety exponentially.

But then some of the Colleges of Nursing did not agree on the efficacy and determined not to accept CELBAN-CBT scores. The documentation process that had become centralized through a national service, NNAS was now fragmenting as independent colleges made differing decisions.

A petition in September of 2021, that started in BC, signed by IENs taking issue with the required scores of the English Exams then made even more impact provincially and nationally adding to the decentralization process. As a result, every College is to itself.

Now, in January 2022, The College of Nursing of Ontario, CNO, is making headway, creating a *Supervised Practice Experience Partnership* so that IENs can work in hospitals under supervision. (

You can learn about it more here, in the news release:

Here through a CBC podcast:

And on LinkedIn through a post by World Education Services:

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