CoI Are you interested in taking half the time to pass the CELBAN?

Are you interested in taking half the time to pass the CELBANHi KIm,

I am doing good. Thanks. And how about you? The weather in Winnipeg has taken a turn and from some warmer days, we are back to a chilly/rainy weather conditions.
i am from from India and its been an year and four months living in Canada and Winnipeg is where I landed and I am looking forward to stay here for some more years.
I have not taken the CELBAN examination yet and I do not have the scores for CLB. But I have taken the IELTS test and my scores were :
Listening- 7.5
Reading- Β 7.0
Writing – Β  6.5 &
Speaking- 8.0
I have tried doing the self-assessment test by celban, but its the same video and passages that keep on repeating.
Looking forward to get your package and start doing the preparations.

Dear A,

It is so wonderful to be warm again! Tonight there is such a warmth in the wind. I always feel so much better when it gets warmer and more beautiful.

From your scores you are doing well, but writing seems to be a weakness. Besides the free resources you might want to look into the CELBANPrep Writing Text Books (Level One and Two).
How longWith a score of 6.5 you can anticipate taking 4-6 months to prepare, if you work hard and spend lots of time practicing. It will take less time if you get CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar Essentials that will allow you to turn your weaknesses into strengths while teaching you the skill of editing your own work.
(It will also assist you in increasing your competencies and score in the other skills of reading, listening and speaking as well!)

By turning your grammar weaknesses into strengths, you will be on the road to improvement!

But, first, you need to know what your weaknesses are. For a limited time I am offering CELBAN or IELTS: Writing Assessments. This will allow you to know what your weaknesses are, and which of theΒ  CELBAN or IELTS: Grammar EssentialsΒ  ( if any) to use to turn them to strengths.

Are you interested in taking half the time to pass the CELBAN?



P.S. Ensure you get the CELBAN or IELTS: User Guide. It is FREE with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.




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