♥ I feel hopeless… to achieve my dreams and goals in life.

Dear Kim. I feel hopeless to achieve my dreams and goals in Life. CELBAN.pngDear Kim,

I am fully aware that i am not making my assignments and wasn’t able to do everything about my CELBANprep, I’ve been through a lot this month not physically but emotionally. I feel hopeless and no energy of doing something to achieve my dreams and goals in life.In addition, my papers that we’re sent to the immigration was delivered back to us due to lack of signatures and additional documents are needed. To be honest, I was devastated and very down knowing that it’s going to be a long wait again. I want to take my exams and go back to school but i just cant :(..Being an International Student cost a lot of money. I am really hoping to go to school next year but  i cant:(. i have no one to talk about this. I am really sorry for bothering you Kim.


Dear Y,

Some times in pain we go into a cave to lick our wounds. We enter solitude and isolation, and in this space we forget to look up and out of the darkness into the light, light that shines down and illuminates the people who are around us that are here to comfort us and support us. By sending this e-mail you are looking up, and the light is shining down on me! Y, by now you should know that when you contact me it is never a bother. I may teach an English exam preparation class, which is fulfilling, but CELBANPrep is merely a vehicle for me to meet wonderful people like you, and to be here with support and encouragement when you are going through things on an emotional level. I am here especially for times when you feel hopeless, without energy: when your dreams and goals seem to be slipping through your fingers.

As you know all of this is coping mechanism to stress, and you have had many great stressors and burdens placed upon your shoulders. It is natural to feel this way: but it is in no way an indication of you or your life and dreams. It simply means at this time you are experiencing stress, and through the lens of stress things seem unbearable, insurmountable and overwhelming. But this is only a moment in time. Soon the stress will be lifted. Soon the pressure will become light. Soon you will see rays of sunshine again. But in the mean time it is essential that you take care of yourself: your body, your heart, your mind, your spirit. What are things that make you happy? Do them!

My happiness plan in times of stress includes:

  • fresh flowers
  • scented candles
  • dance class
  • visiting with friends
  • reading a good book
  • going for a walk, a bike ride, a canoe

Each of these things prevents me from going too deep into my cave, because if I go too deep I won’t be able to see the light any more. They help me in my healing process by reminding me of the great joys and blessings of living on earth, of having a body, of being alive.

I hope that in reading this, you are filled with a breath of life and hope.

Have a most wonderful day!



December 11, 2012

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much Kim. Last month was really a rough sailing for me but I am happy because i went through it all.Thank you for the tips and the happiness list.I actually made one for myself. Right now, I am redoing my celbanprep from the very beginning.Hopefully, whatever comes my way I will be able to surpass it.Thank you.Sincerely,


Dear Y,
I am glad to hear from you. Did you know I posted your message on Dear Kim? So many people have read it, more than my usual posts!

I added it in my blog update, and I got several e-mails from other subscribers that were feeling as you were. They sent me messages thanking me for posting this message, so that they knew they were not alone. You helped them!

I am glad you found happiness. Everyone finds it in different ways. Knowing how to tap into it and create it is a skill of self mastery! What is on your list?

I am so glad you are starting again. I look forward to your posts! I have loved reading your writing!

Have a sun shiny day!


5 responses to “♥ I feel hopeless… to achieve my dreams and goals in life.

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  4. Gracielle Dongbo

    Hi Kim,

    I am  waiting for the confirmation of my CELBAN schedule which is supposedly on February 13 and 14. I faxed my application at the CELAS center but I didn’t hear any reply from their office. I am unsure if I will start with my review.


    • Dear Gracielle,
      I have heard that communications from CELAS can be slow. I have heard people who call in the morning have better luck making contact.
      Whether or not you take the exam in February I recommend you start preparing early. CELBANPrep Writing (www.writing.celbanprep.info) is 8 lessons in 8 weeks, but often it takes longer for people who need more time to work on their grammar.
      Have you read “Word of WARNING: the tragic consequences of procrastination” on Dear Kim? (Search the word: warning). It may help you to have a better idea about why it is good to start now!
      What do you think Gracielle?

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