☼ *Disillusioned Dreamer: We can not do this alone, any of it. We need each other, in life, to obtain our dreams.

Updated 2021

Dear Kim,
I moved here with my husband and our two children. IT has been hard. Mostly because I am home alone and not being able to work. Toronto is a nice city.
We moved here three months ago from Sweden. I am swedish, but I have lived i the UK, for four years, but IT was ten years ago. I was working there as a nurse.
I did the IELTS and failed to get the score I require, which nearly broke me apart. I misunderstood the instructor on the reading part, and I know that effected my result, but I still managed to fail on the essay which I wasn’t prepared on. It felt ok when I was writing. My IELTS band is: Reading 6.0 Listening 7.5. Writing 5.5 and speaking 8.5. Overall 7,0.
I don’t know if I should retake the IELTS or do the Celban, but I am now looking into the Celban. Maybe you can give me some advise.
Best Regards,

Dear M,

I am always touched and moved when I receive an email like this: with a story from the heart. Many of the emails are simply:

  • I am from ___. I live in ____I have been here for _____
  • My scores are_____.
  • How much does it cost?

For me reading this kind of message, it is not very motivational or inspiring. And I need motivation and inspiration to keep doing what I am doing.

Being at home

Being home is hard, even if we are home with our children. But when we are at home and not contributing to society by using our skills and our knowledge that becomes especially hard for those of us who have taken the time to study, and become brilliant lights in our field. Our lights seem to become dim from under use and under-employment. We lose motivation and self respect. We start to wonder about our worth, and our importance. Oh we know we have value as wives and mothers, sisters and daughters, but we know that we are not reaching our full potential, using our minds and hearts to the fullest capacity.

And once we have found that, we have found what makes us feel the full measure of our creation, what we are here on earth to do, we feel strong knowing our Individual Worth and even our Divine Nature.

When we Take an Exam

Then we take an exam, it does not have to be for English. It could be a drivers test. And we fail. And it hits us so hard, because our well was dry to begin with. It takes a long time to heal from such disappointments not because we did not succeed, but because we were emotionally tapped out before we even began.

So many people come to me in that state, taking one step out of the darkness by writing to me, from the heart. And I rejoyce in seeing them there in the dim light, barely visible… simply knowing that they are there, when I did not perceive them before. But now, that they come near, I can see them. I can provide Hope, Guidance, Instruction and Support.

That is what CELBANPrep is about.

Yes, it is about preparing IENs for the CELBAN, but it is about soooo much more.

It is about taking those tender and fragile hearts, minds and spirits and filling them with light and knowledge until each IEN is filled once more with confidence in herself/himself. And with that confidence they enter the exam room with an x-factor that everyone can perceive. Others in simply looking at them and hearing them speak think, “Oh that IEN is going to pass!” Why?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cpu-ct4-articles.pngBecause I don’t simply teach English grammar skills. I teach the Secrets to Success before I teach advanced professional communication skills, until each nurse has obtained a degree of self mastery. It is the unconscious competency, the ability to perform without effort, that stands out.

It takes time to get to that point, but, is it not worth the investment to take the time to master advanced professional communication skills that Canadian employers seek?

Are you not worth that kind of investment: for you, for your children, for your future?

My advice is this: think about how you have felt while reading this message and ask yourself the following questions.

  1. What kind of learning environment do you require to grow?
  2. What would it be like to experience a learning community where all of your needs are considered: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical?
  3. Do you simply want to learn English to pass the CELBAN or would you like to enhance your transferable skills: your advanced professional communication skills?
  4. Will you accept mediocrity, or do you expect the exceptional: of yourself and others?

Then explore CELBANPrep University.

Trust your heart to guide you; trust your spirit to guide you. And when you are ready, join the CELBANPrep Family! We will be here to welcome you with open arms.

M, please know: today I got your message, my heart opened up to you, and I wrote what I wrote from my heart and spirit to yours. You inspired me.

We can not do this alone, any of it. We need each other, in life, to obtain our dreams.

And so, I thank you for your message, M. It gave me hope.

In Spirit,


Save time and Money. Explore CELBANPrep University. 

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